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Happy Belated Birthday ARTicles of Clothing Blog

On Saturday, September 5, 2015, ARTicles of Clothing Blog celebrated its second birthday. Over the past couple years, I’ve faced the challenge of defining the blog’s voice and purpose. It began as a creative outlet and a place where I could write stories of personal interest independent of my freelance career. The initial focus was on fashion but has since expanded into a variety of other topics, such as freelancing, fitness, and the great city of NYC. Earlier this year, I took a brief departure from social media and from AOC Blog. I needed to step back and reconnect with my unique digital persona, the one I want to shine through on this blog. After I returned, I made my own version of an editorial calendar to map out six months of opportunities and ideas for posts. Since taking these two imperative steps, I’ve seen AOC Blog evolve and flourish in the direction I initially intended. I’m incredibly proud of where AOC Blog is today, and I’m excited about the direction it’s heading into year three.

As you take a moment to celebrate this milestone with me, please direct your attention to the Top Five Posts of Year Two (below) and the brand new, easy to navigate top menu bar (above). I added an ARTICLES section that features a drop down to sort posts by category, a SERVICES page for those who want to partner with me, and, last but not least, an all new ABOUT page that shares AOC Blog’s journey over the past two years. Finally, I must send my deepest and sincerest gratitude to my family, friends, and loyal readers who have supported AOC Blog over the past two years. CHEERS to you and to AOC Blog’s second birthday!



Iona 2015

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“Yogasmoga is not just a brand for yogis. It’s a brand for those who embrace the principles that go with it: joy, energy, and balance.” Continue reading


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Updo Collage

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and the #1 post of year 2 is…..


Age of Adaline Color

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Inside Yogasmoga

Nothing in New York City ever starts on time. At least that’s what I thought until I discovered the Yogasmoga popup events at the South Street Seaport. When I arrived at the free class with Erika Bloom Pilates, I was ten minutes late, embarrassed, and flustered. I signed in, threw down a mat, and quickly tried to regain some Zen as I began my Pilates practice. At first, I’d been skeptical of doing Pilates in the midst of the concrete jungle, but there was one particular moment during the mat work that changed my mind. We were on our backs doing some bridges, the breeze off the river was washing over us, and as I gazed up between the high-rises at a perfect blue sky, I felt bliss. Needless to say, by the end of the class I was on a high and wanted more than ever to learn about the brand behind the event. I struck up a conversation with a couple of the girls representing Yogasmoga, and the next week, I found myself in their NYC Headquarters.


Image c/o Yogasmoga || Free classes at the South Street Seaport

Katherine Bacino, Yogasmoga’s New York Community Coordinator & Editor of Rangoli, the brand’s community platform, served as my leader and guide throughout the HQ. There, I met members of the Yogasmoga team, previewed the upcoming fall collection, and got a taste of what’s in the works for the brand in 2016, all while experiencing just who Yogasmoga is.

Katherine started with the basics and explained the story behind the brand’s name. Yogasmoga comes from a Hindi colloquialism that combines a base word (like yoga) and a rhyming word (like smoga). The meaning is “yoga and the things that go with it.” Yogasmoga is not just a brand for yogis. It’s a brand for those who embrace the principles that go with it: joy, energy, and balance.

Yogasmoga our-mantra-of-innovation

Image c/o Yogasmoga || Ft. Carbon 6 Vivacity Long Sleeve Tee

Next we moved on to the upcoming fall collection, which embraces the theme “unrestricted movement.” The motif reflects the brand’s belief that activewear should hug and support the body without compressing or constricting it. This idea immediately hit home. I recently got into a discussion with my dance group about how uncomfortable and unhealthy activewear can be that promises to slim your stomach or slenderize your thighs, leaving lines and indentations on your skin. Instead, Yogasmoga aims to celebrate the natural shape and curves of the body with the mindful design of their fit and fabrics. I’m particularly excited for one of the prints in the upcoming fall line called “Topography.” To create this design, Yogasmoga used a technique called bodymap printing. Typically, patterned fabrics are cut for the desired garment at random, which means the print appears on each article of clothing in a different way. With bodymap printing, the pattern on the fabric is specifically designed to suit the garment and the part of the body on which it’s worn. So, Yogasmoga’s Topography print leggings highlight the line of your waist, curve of your thighs, and muscles in your calves.

Yogasmoga shop-helix-new

Image c/o Yogasmoga || Ft. Carbon 6 Run Jump’N Twist Crop

Finally, the moment of truth arrived. It was time to actually test out the clothes! The minute I slipped on the first pair of leggings, I experienced just how awesome this apparel is. The fabric is rich, mobile, weightless, and just feels good on your body as you move. I’m also completely smitten with the Topography print in the upcoming fall line. It’s a feminine and flattering work of art. I can’t wait to get my hands on a style from the new collection! If you’re having trouble deciding which piece of Yogasmoga apparel to try first, check out the company favorites or some of my own:


Image c/o Yogasmoga || Ft. Carbon 6 Vivacity Crop

For those in the NYC area, check out the full list of free popup events that Yogasmoga is hosting at the South Street Seaport now through September. Then, follow Yogasmoga on social media, and stay tuned this fall for a series of live panel discussions with the brand. Finally, hold your breath! There’s rumor of a brick and mortar Yogasmoga store opening in NYC next year!