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Happy Belated Birthday ARTicles of Clothing Blog

On Saturday, September 5, 2015, ARTicles of Clothing Blog celebrated its second birthday. Over the past couple years, I’ve faced the challenge of defining the blog’s voice and purpose. It began as a creative outlet and a place where I could write stories of personal interest independent of my freelance career. The initial focus was on fashion but has since expanded into a variety of other topics, such as freelancing, fitness, and the great city of NYC. Earlier this year, I took a brief departure from social media and from AOC Blog. I needed to step back and reconnect with my unique digital persona, the one I want to shine through on this blog. After I returned, I made my own version of an editorial calendar to map out six months of opportunities and ideas for posts. Since taking these two imperative steps, I’ve seen AOC Blog evolve and flourish in the direction I initially intended. I’m incredibly proud of where AOC Blog is today, and I’m excited about the direction it’s heading into year three.

As you take a moment to celebrate this milestone with me, please direct your attention to the Top Five Posts of Year Two (below) and the brand new, easy to navigate top menu bar (above). I added an ARTICLES section that features a drop down to sort posts by category, a SERVICES page for those who want to partner with me, and, last but not least, an all new ABOUT page that shares AOC Blog’s journey over the past two years. Finally, I must send my deepest and sincerest gratitude to my family, friends, and loyal readers who have supported AOC Blog over the past two years. CHEERS to you and to AOC Blog’s second birthday!



Iona 2015

“That feeling of solidarity is what a ‘fashion community’ can give you.” Continue reading



“Yogasmoga is not just a brand for yogis. It’s a brand for those who embrace the principles that go with it: joy, energy, and balance.” Continue reading


View More: http://laurelynsavannah.pass.us/woodbury-lane-collection

“The confidence with which a woman wears the fashion and the pride a woman takes in her fashion are the foundation of Woodbury Lane’s aesthetic.” Continue Reading


Updo Collage

“I learned three of the easiest hairstyles for summer – no braiding required!” Continue reading

and the #1 post of year 2 is…..


Age of Adaline Color

“We all have a relationship with our clothes. After imagining yourself as Adaline, a woman who has lived for almost a century, consider how deep that connection might be with certain articles of clothing.”  Continue reading

Inside Woodbury Lane

Remember that girl from class whose style you adored? At times she was a bit eccentric, but she wore everything with confidence. Something about the way she dressed just worked, and you couldn’t go a day without noticing her ensemble. For Katelyn Kosinski, that girl was Willa, a classmate from her college days. Little did Katelyn know that a few short years later “Willa” would become the inspiration behind the name of her business, Woodbury Lane.

“When I searched the name ‘Willa’ and ‘Willa Boutique,’ I found it was already taken. So, I played around with ‘Willow” and ‘Willow Lane’ for a while. Realizing that I was hooked on the W and L being together, I landed on the name of my childhood street, Wood Berry Lane, but changed it to make just two words:” Woodbury Lane.


Willa was just the first bold, fashion forward female who inspired Katelyn to create Woodbury Lane.

“Truly my greatest influence has been the entire movement of women who are doing their own thing right now. There’s this revolution of girls who are insanely confident and driven, yet totally realistic in their goals… Gone are the days where women can only work for the man.”


Long before Katelyn took her first step toward launching Woodbury Lane, she had a clear vision of what drew her to a particular sense of style. The fashion was just one component. The confidence with which a woman wears the fashion and the pride a woman takes in her fashion are the foundation of Woodbury Lane’s aesthetic.

“[Woodbury Lane] speaks to the woman who takes pride in her wardrobe. Women who are not looking for ‘disposable clothing pieces,’ which are all too easy to come by nowadays. ‘Disposable clothing pieces’ are the ones that are incredibly trendy and poorly made. Woodbury Lane is the opposite – our clothes are of a great quality, and they’ll last for more than one season. Most of what we offer are classic basics and subtle trends that don’t necessarily scream ‘2015.’”


Katelyn gave a taste of what Woodbury Lane had to offer with a pop-up gift shop last holiday season, but the boutique officially opened its cyber doors last month with its first spring collection. The current inventory is stocked with a full line of clothing and accessories as well as select home and gift items. While each and every piece has its own unique appeal, Katelyn was quick to share a couple of her favorites.

“The Cream Tapered Pants are amazing because they could truly be worn all year long. They’re lightweight enough to wear throughout the summer, but they also look killer in winter thanks to the ‘winter neutrals’ and ‘winter whites’ trends that are happening right now. I’m also pretty obsessed (a word I try not to use often) with our Floral Drape Top. It’s just the most flattering piece, and the colors are spot on for spring and summer. It’s also really versatile because it’s slightly cropped, which would look awesome paired with a high-waisted skirt. However, it’s not so cropped that you’d be showing belly, so it still pairs well with denim too!”

Woodbury Lane Collage 2015

Katelyn has been a successful blogger for almost two years, but Woodbury Lane is her first small business endeavor. Throughout the entrepreneurial process, she has realized the importance of taking the time to celebrate each and every achievement.

“As a small business owner, I’ve quickly learned that every endeavor, no matter the size, is exciting! My first sale, a new shipment of merchandise, or even a really nice compliment on the shop feels like a huge accomplishment!”


So, what’s next for Woodbury Lane? If you’re in the Milwaukee area, don’t miss the exclusive launch party on March 22. For the first time, you’ll be able to see, touch, and try on the items from Woodbury Lane’s first spring collection. Be sure to arrive early! Woodbury Lane has partnered with a number of other local creatives to compile swag bags for the first 30 purchasers. Don’t live in the Milwaukee area? Shop Woodbury Lane online 24/7, and follow along with the boutique’s latest collections, events, and special offers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Happy shopping!

Photographed by Laurelyn Savannah Photography

Holiday Gift Guide – Shop Small, Part II

Last week I kicked off my 2014 Holiday Gift Guide with a new approach, one that focuses on something I’m passionate about: shopping small. This holiday season, I encourage you to use your hard-earned money to support small businesses.

You may think it takes a lot more time, effort, and money to shop small. I understand your concerns! I’m an avid online shopper and committed to price comparing to find the best deal on almost everything I buy. Shopping small doesn’t mean changing all of your shopping habits. My 2014 Holiday Gift Guide will show you that you can still conveniently peruse online and purchase items at affordable prices all while shopping small.

In Part I, I showcased one of my favorite small businesses based in my hometown, Atlanta, GA: Native Bear. Today, I’m excited to share gift options from Woodury Lane, the latest business endeavor of fellow blogger Katelyn Kosinski of Katelyn Now. Just last week Woodbury Lane launched their exclusive holiday Gift Boutique, open to VIP members only. It’s easy (and completely free) to sign up with your email for VIP membership and access to the Gift Boutique, and, believe me, it’s well worth your while. All gifts are under $50. However, if you buy more than one, all orders over $50 get free shipping with the code MyGift at checkout.

W O O D B U R Y   L A N E

Envelope Clutch, $18

Woodbury Lane Clutch

This handmade vegan leather clutch is available in two hues, this rich cognac and a lighter tan. The metallic stripe detail gives this clutch the perfect touch of sparkle for the holiday season.

Luxury Bar Soap, $7.50 ea.

Woodbury Lane Soap

If you’re looking for a versatile gift for anyone on your wishlist look no further. This luxury bar soap would be a great stocking-stuffer, the perfect accent to tie atop a package, or it’s a lovely gift on its own. The soaps are available in three luscious scents, but I’m particularly fond of the tea tree + eucalyptus. Tea tree oil is one of my favorite essential oils. It’s effective on blemishes, shaving rash, or just as a beautifully scented cleanser.

Infinity Scarf, $22

Woodbury Lane Scarf

Scarves are one of the most essential fall/winter weather accessories. This blush colored infinity scarf is perfect for all the cold days to come. However, it’s lightweight enough to accessorize your ensembles all the way through next spring.

About the Business:

Woodbury Lane is a Milwaukee-based clothing boutique providing women with effortless styles and unique home good finds. Blogger and now entrepreneur Katelyn Kosinski founded Woodbury Lane earlier in 2014 as a result of her thirst for innovation and creativity. The boutique is currently open online 24-7. Its official launch is set for 2015.