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Spotlight on Crowned Grace Jewelry

Crowned Grace Jewel

I’m excited to share the first edition of my Spotlight Series! Crowned Grace Jewelry is a locally owned jewelry company in the Atlanta area whose gems and baubles are exclusively sold at The Chandlery in Roswell, Georgia. Crowned Grace was founded by longtime friends Wanda and Cora. Both women share a strong faith and a passion for style, which led them to create Crowned Grace. Their collection includes a full line of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and watches from bold costume jewelry to classic sterling silver. Their signature jewels are appropriately their crosses. With an array of styles and prices ranging from $10 to $120, there is a piece of Crowned Grace jewelry for everyone! Here are some exclusive pics of a selection of their current pieces:

Crowned Grace Cross

Crowned Grace Green

Crowned Grace Beaded