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Midweek Motivation

Sometimes the middle of the week just hits us like a hefty credit card bill. We’re overwhelmed, overextended, and overworked. There’s accomplishment in knowing the week is halfway over, yet we’ve still got so much to do in the next two days and the weekend feels so far away. If you’re like me, your reaction is denial: avoid, zone out, distract, escape. I typically turn to social media looking for some mindless reading, creative inspiration, or just some good old midweek motivation. My particular sluggishness during this midweek slump triggered me to create an inspiration board for all of you out there who may have the same case of the Wednesday-blahs. So before you head to bed, do one last thing for yourself on this Wellness Wednesday and enjoy some midweek motivation! Thursday is almost here, Friday is right around the corner, and the weekend is just about in our reach. We can do it!

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As One Store Closes, Another Store Opens

I have good news and bad news. Such is the cycle of retail: as one store closes, another store opens. Let’s start with the bad news and end on a good note.

As one store closes…

The quirky Brooklyn based shop Fred Flare will close its virtual doors next week. Now through Thursday, November 21, shop their most epic sale. Of course, all sales are final, but the deals are unbeatable. If you’ve got some gift swaps this season or are looking for some stocking stuffers, this is the place to go. Check out my picks to the items to snag below!

fred flare

1. Ballerina Wall Clock, $13.99

2. Holly GoNightly Sleep Mask, $9.99

3. Ruby Red Slipper Socks, $9.99

4. Dog Leash Plus, $25.99

…another store opens!

Sophia of Nasty Gal, courtesy of the New York Times

Sophia Amoruso of Nasty Gal, courtesy of the New York Times

Now for the good news. Nasty Gal has plans to open brick and mortar stores! Sophia Amoruso, the mastermind behind the brand, hasn’t released any specifics yet about where or when we can expect to see the first grand opening. However, LA residents should definitely keep their eyes and ears open. Last Wednesday, November 13, Amoruso Tweeted: We are opening stores. District Manager needed for LA region! I can’t wait til more details are released. This brand is on fire!