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Holiday Gift Guide – Shop Small, Part IV

So far in my 2014 Holiday Gift Guide advocating shopping small, I’ve showcased three amazing small businesses from around the country:

1. Native Bear in Atlanta, GA

2. Woodbury Lane in Milwaukee, WI

3. Must Love Sparkle in Chicago, IL

and today

4. Jordan Grace Owens in Durham, North Carolina

I discovered Jordan Grace Owens back in college at an artist market in Athens, GA and instantly fell in love with her designs. Jordan Grace has the ability to capture the unique personality and essence of a person while keeping her signature illustration style. She has a number of items that are ready-to-buy in her Etsy shop, but she is most well known for her custom work, specifically her personalized paper dolls. Yes, I said paper dolls, but before you shrug off the possibility of purchasing something that sounds old-fashioned, take a look at Jordan Grace Owens’ designs and think again. Jordan Grace started making her illustrations into paper dolls in “an effort to make art that people would want to touch and interact with,” then they took off (Need Supply Co interview)! If you’re looking for a unique way to capture your family or friends, send Jordan Grace your photos and she’ll draw and assemble their likeness for a one-of-a-kind portrait.

J O R D A N   G R A C E   O W E N S

Leggy Canvas Tote, $15

JGO tote

A girl can never have too many totes. This hand-screenprinted Leggy Canvas Tote is ultra feminine, fun, and functional. It’s sizable (15″ x 10.5″) enough to serve as a pseudo-purse, grocery sack, in-flight carry on, gym satchel, weekender bag – the applications are endless!

No One Else Could Fill Your Shoes Tee, $20

JGO tee

Out with the old-school concert tees and in with the cute graphic tees. This super-soft fitted tee has a lovely sentiment and sweet illustration. It’s perfect for any lady on your Christmas list, young or old!

Custom Paper Dolls, $35 – $210

JGO paper dolls

Partners, pets, parents… spouses, siblings, even friends… the possibilities are endless when it comes to Jordan Grace Owens’ custom-made, personalized paper dolls. Unfortunately, JGO’s paper dolls are so popular there is a 3-4 month wait list. So, the best course of action for the holidays is to purchase a gift certificate.

About the Business:

Jordan Grace Owens is an artist, illustrator, and maker based in Durham, North Carolina. Her intimate and stylized designs have caught the attention of numerous publications such as Design Sponge, Need Supply Co., and Real Simple magazine. Jordan Grace’s work is also featured in the book 1000 Portrait Illustration: Contemporary Illustration from Pencil to Digital. With a fine arts background, two years working in graphic design, and plenty of artistic encouragement growing up, Jordan Grace has built a flourishing business on Etsy and made a career making drawings. 

Holiday Gift Guide – Shop Small, Part III

Just because Small Business Saturday is behind us doesn’t mean you have to stop shopping small this holiday season. No matter what day of the year, it’s always important to support small businesses!

In Part I and Part II of my 2014 Holiday Gift Guide advocating shopping small, I shared two of my favorite small businesses: Native Bear (based in my hometown, Atlanta, GA) and Woodbury Lane (founded by fellow blogger Katelyn Kosinski of Katelyn Now, located in Milwaukee, WI). Today, I’m showcasing gifts from another small business that is near and dear to my heart: the Chicago-based brand Must Love Sparkle.

You may have seen some beautiful jewelry from Must Love Sparkle in previous posts on ARTicles of Clothing blog. Specifically, I used MLS jewels to style singer/songwriter Erica Bryan for one of her shows last summer.

If you’re hoping to give the gift of jewelry this holiday season, look no further than Must Love Sparkle! For a limited time, use the code shopsmall50 for 50% off all orders or subscribe to the MLS mailing list for 10% off your first order.

M U S T    L O V E    S P A R K L E

Tortoise and the Hare Ring, $22


Photographed by Angie Webb of Angie Webb Creative

I must admit I was skeptical of the two-finger ring until I tried this poetic and adorable tortoise and the hare ring from MLS. It’s surprisingly comfortable and incredibly unique and fun. Great for a gift or stocking stuffer.

Palace Cuff Bracelet, $28

p753069267-5 cropped B

Photographed by Alyson Jarvis of Alyson Jarvis Photography

The palace cuff is the ultimate lightweight statement bracelet. It’s cute, comfortable, and instantly completes any girl’s outfit. I used this cuff while styling singer/songwriter Erica Bryan, so it’s performance approved! Whether you’re looking for something stage-worthy or just a great gift for everyday, the palace bracelet is perfect!

Asymmetrical Bar Earrings and Balanced Bars Lariat Necklace, $60 and $68

FotorCreated MLS

Photographed by Angie Webb of Angie Webb Creative

These are two of my favorite pieces from MLS. This necklace and bracelet are part of the Jocelyn Negron Collection, a group of pieces fashioned by Jocelyn Negron, jewelry designer and founder of Must Love Sparkle. This collection has a stunning design and exceptional quality. A truly beautiful holiday gift for any special woman in your life.

About the Business:

Must Love Sparkle is a Chicago-based a jewelry destination characterized by a unique aesthetic, exceptional quality, and attainable prices. Jewelry designer and founder Jocelyn Negron has a keen eye for buying  and designing, which has allowed her to curate a diverse collection of her own jewelry designs as well as that of other designers. The MLS girl likes to mix it up by wearing hoodies with high heels or Nikes with fur. However, at the end of the day, MLS is for anyone who wants to shine, no matter your style. 

Holiday Gift Guide – Shop Small, Part II

Last week I kicked off my 2014 Holiday Gift Guide with a new approach, one that focuses on something I’m passionate about: shopping small. This holiday season, I encourage you to use your hard-earned money to support small businesses.

You may think it takes a lot more time, effort, and money to shop small. I understand your concerns! I’m an avid online shopper and committed to price comparing to find the best deal on almost everything I buy. Shopping small doesn’t mean changing all of your shopping habits. My 2014 Holiday Gift Guide will show you that you can still conveniently peruse online and purchase items at affordable prices all while shopping small.

In Part I, I showcased one of my favorite small businesses based in my hometown, Atlanta, GA: Native Bear. Today, I’m excited to share gift options from Woodury Lane, the latest business endeavor of fellow blogger Katelyn Kosinski of Katelyn Now. Just last week Woodbury Lane launched their exclusive holiday Gift Boutique, open to VIP members only. It’s easy (and completely free) to sign up with your email for VIP membership and access to the Gift Boutique, and, believe me, it’s well worth your while. All gifts are under $50. However, if you buy more than one, all orders over $50 get free shipping with the code MyGift at checkout.

W O O D B U R Y   L A N E

Envelope Clutch, $18

Woodbury Lane Clutch

This handmade vegan leather clutch is available in two hues, this rich cognac and a lighter tan. The metallic stripe detail gives this clutch the perfect touch of sparkle for the holiday season.

Luxury Bar Soap, $7.50 ea.

Woodbury Lane Soap

If you’re looking for a versatile gift for anyone on your wishlist look no further. This luxury bar soap would be a great stocking-stuffer, the perfect accent to tie atop a package, or it’s a lovely gift on its own. The soaps are available in three luscious scents, but I’m particularly fond of the tea tree + eucalyptus. Tea tree oil is one of my favorite essential oils. It’s effective on blemishes, shaving rash, or just as a beautifully scented cleanser.

Infinity Scarf, $22

Woodbury Lane Scarf

Scarves are one of the most essential fall/winter weather accessories. This blush colored infinity scarf is perfect for all the cold days to come. However, it’s lightweight enough to accessorize your ensembles all the way through next spring.

About the Business:

Woodbury Lane is a Milwaukee-based clothing boutique providing women with effortless styles and unique home good finds. Blogger and now entrepreneur Katelyn Kosinski founded Woodbury Lane earlier in 2014 as a result of her thirst for innovation and creativity. The boutique is currently open online 24-7. Its official launch is set for 2015. 

Holiday Gift Guide – Shop Small, Part I

It’s that time again…

…for obligatory Holiday Gift Guides.

However, instead of approaching another gift guide with bitterness and bah humbug, this year I’m sharing a gift guide I truly believe in: one that advocates shopping small.

My first job in high school was at a small, family-owned gift shop. It was there at the age of sixteen that I first recognized my affinity for small businesses. In fact, over the past decade I’ve worked for and partnered with small businesses and startups exclusively. So, for the 2014 holiday season my gift guide is particularly close to my heart.

Over the next six weeks – yes, Christmas is just six weeks away – I’ll be showcasing a variety of gift ideas from a number of small businesses around the country. Today, I’m kicking off my 2014 Holiday Gift Guide with items from one of my favorite small businesses based in my hometown, Atlanta, GA.

N A T I V E   B E A R

2015 Wall Calendar, $25

Native Bear Calendar

Call me old school, but every year I need a new paper calendar (preferably an interesting one I can gaze at while daydreaming). This psychedelic/bohemian Native Bear 2015 Wall Calendar does the trick. It’s the perfect way to brighten a desk, refrigerator door, or bare wall.

Block Printed Recycled Cotton Tea Towels, $20 ea.

FotorCreated Native Bear

Who doesn’t enjoy a pretty, patterned dish towel? I know I do! (Particularly now that I’m minus a dishwasher in my new NYC apartment.) These hand printed beauties would be a great hostess gift at your next holiday party or an affordable option for a gift swap.

Handprint Canvas Zipper Pouch, $35


Every girl needs an endless supply of pouches in her life. It’s just a simple fact. They help organize our purses, work totes, gym bags, suitcases – really the uses are limitless, and you can never have too many. This one is nice and sizable (7″x9″) to hold all those necessities.

About the Business:

Native Bear is an Atlanta-based design brand created and operated by artist Leela Robinson. Like many successful small business owners, Leela (nicknamed Bear) started her craft as a hobby. Since the its first sale in 2011, Native Bear has matured into a flourishing home and gift brand. All of Native Bear’s wares feature Leela’s original designs and illustrations. In addition, Native Bear makes a commitment to use environmentally conscious production methods and USA made resources and vendors whenever possible.