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Why You Should Always Dress to Impress

As I stepped off the escalator and headed toward the stairs leading down to the subway, I could see the uptown train waiting. I started sprinting, as every good New Yorker does, but as I reached the platform, I could see the train doors were closed. Damn, I thought, just missed it.

I stood there, expecting the train to depart any second, but it didn’t. It sat, doors closed, for another couple minutes before it finally took off. I sighed and rolled my eyes in frustration, and I noticed another woman on the platform who had experienced the same misfortune. We both glanced around the station and quickly caught each other’s gaze. It’s the worst when that happens, I said, and we struck up a conversation.

At first, we commiserated over the occasional annoyances, like this one, that come with relying on public transportation. Another train arrived, and we sat, continuing to chat about the usual things. As the conversation inevitably shifted to work, we began to click. Before we parted ways at the station where we both needed to transfer, we exchanged business cards. This woman is now one of my clients.

Photo by Angie Webb

Photo by Angie Webb

Why should you always dress to impress? Because you never know who you’re going to meet. As artists, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and the like, we often live in our loungewear and activewear. Full disclosure: there are days when I work in my pajamas and only throw a coat on to run to the bodega up the block. Living in New York City (where the streets are filled with people bringing their fashion a-game) has inspired me to put a little more effort into my appearance before I leave the apartment. Fortunately, on the day of my subway debacle, I happened to have done my hair, thrown on some makeup, and put on “real clothes.”

When you work from your home office a majority of the time, it makes sense to only dress for video calls or in-person meetings. Most of the time, the first contact we have with our potential clients is on the web. They see the styled and polished images depicted in our bios and on our contact pages, not the girl in the yoga pants and oversized sweater on the other side of the screen. In our self-employed lives, we can’t forget to maintain a certain level of professionalism outside of our online presence. You never know if your next client may be behind you in line at Starbucks.

What you wear says something about you and your brand. Not the designers or trends you sport but how you present yourself. Just like the story you use to introduce yourself, clothing is a medium you can use to portray something about your business. Is your brand bold and colorful or sleek and minimal? Look at your company’s aesthetic, imagine how it could be translated into an outfit, and take it into consideration next time you’re running errands around town or walking your dog in the park. If you need a little guidance translating your brand’s image into your personal style, connect with me. In addition to writing, I happen to do a bit of styling on the side!

What’s New in Year 2

By now I’m sure most of you have taken some time to explore the new ARTicles of Clothing blog. In case you missed some of the new features, I wanted to give you a tour!

NEW Logo and Tagline

AOC Fonts Year 2

AOC has a brand new logo and its first ever tagline. I used Google fonts to download and pair easy-to-read fonts for the logo as well as graphics and content. Although AOC’s About page is still under construction, I wanted to introduce a tagline as the first step in more clearly defining AOC’s brand. Year one of AOC lacked some direction and focus, but the concept of style telling a story has always been at AOC’s roots.

NEW Color Story

AOC Colors Year 2

The colors of AOC have not changed drastically. However, the goal of altering AOC’s fonts and slightly modifying AOC’s colors was to create a more crisp, clean, and bold look. I coupled the original AOC orange with a bolder magenta in place of the previously used pink.

NEW Top Menu Bar Items

personal style and styling

AOC’s old menu bar was outdated and ineffective. The original menu items no longer aligned with AOC’s focus, so changing this key navigation tool was essential to refining AOC’s brand. Although AOC is not exclusively a personal style blog, I wanted a section that complied my personal style looks. The next section is one I’m very excited about: the styling section. Over the past several months, I’ve been pursuing styling opportunities, and I’m thrilled to share my work thus far. I’m also proud to showcase my partnerships. I’ve been fortunate to work with some amazing regional and national brands that I truly believe in and fully endorse.

NEW Sidebar Items

September 2014 Month of Firsts

In order to cultivate more consistency on AOC, for the next year I’m giving each month a theme, located under the search bar on the sidebar. September 2014 is the Month of Firsts, which kicked off with AOC’s first birthday and AOC’s first YouTube video. Click the “month of” icon to view all posts from the month tagged with the theme. Another new addition to the sidebar is a link to AOC’s new YouTube channel, located next to AOC’s other social media outlets. Finally, I’m proud to showcase my membership in the Midwest Style Bloggers community.

What’s Next?

Year two of AOC is just getting started. So stay tuned for AOC’s all NEW About page – coming soon – and other exciting improvements in the months to come!

Reader Spotlight: The Dress Every Woman Should Own

I’m excited to share my first post in my NEW Reader Spotlight series. I love when my readers reach out to me and share their purchases or information learned from ARTicles of Clothing blog. Nothing is more satisfying than connecting with my readers and hearing that AOC Blog has made an impact in their personal style and their wardrobe!

The reader in today’s feature purchased a dress based on one of the first posts on AOC Blog: Every Woman Should Own a Dress by this Brand. This post features one of my all time favorite lines, Tart Collections. The brand’s signature is its sleek jersey material that is both incredibly comfortable and drapes beautifully on the body. Over the years, Tart Collections has expanded from its trademark dresses to a full line of apparel, outerwear, intimates, and swim! If you’re looking for the ideal piece to take you from day to night or work to play, look no further than Tart Collections.

Evan in Tart AOC Blog Reader Feature

This reader is wearing one of Tart’s classic maxi dresses styled with the Hobo the Original Lauren Wallet, the accessory I deemed “the best wallet you’ll ever own.” Although the Hautelook sale event featured in my original post had ended, this reader also took into account my motto “never pay full price for anything” when shopping for her Tart maxi. She visited one of my recommended members only sample sale sites, Gilt Groupe, to purchase her first Tart Collections dress! Tart is a brand that is consistently featured in limited time sales events on such sites, so you too can snag you first Tart frock for a steal. The new Nordstrom Rack online is another great place to shop discounted Tart merchandise. They currently have over 50 Tart Collections styles in stock, including nearly 20 styles of dresses. I personally own an array of styles of Tart dresses – from strapless to long sleeve – and each is uniquely flattering and feminine.

If you have purchased an item or implemented advice featured on ARTicles of Clothing Blog, I would love to hear from you! Connect with me with the details and you could be the next reader to be featured in my Reader Spotlight Series!