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Creative Habit: Work with Your Hands

Last month I kicked off a new series called the Creative Habit, inspired by Twyla Tharp’s book The Creative Habit (which I highly recommend reading). For September’s Creative Habit challenge, I encouraged you to embrace the last few weeks of summer weather and go outside every day. However, I really urged you to take it a step further, be present in the outdoors, appreciate your natural surroundings, and remove the extraneous technology, noise, and distractions to better connect with your environment.

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Now that fall is in full swing, we’re slowly but surely beginning to spend more time inside. Sometimes these cooler months and increased confinement indoors can really stifle our creativity. We may start to feel more lethargic and less inspired to be creative. That’s why it’s more important than ever to develop and maintain a creative routine!

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As we get older and as technology advances, we begin to work with our hands less and less. Instead of writing with pen and paper, we type on a keyboard or tap on a touchscreen. Instead of making cookies from scratch we buy dough at the store or order a batch on Seamless. When was the last time you gardened or painted or did any type of work with your hands?

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I recently had an experience that reminded me of the value in working with your hands and experiencing the sensation of touch. I attended a Salsa/Burlesque class, and the instructor encouraged us to touch and feel the movement of our bodies as we danced and use our hands as an extension of movement through our arms. It was here I remembered how the hands can be used as a mode to express and communicate. I realized what a powerful tool we have available to us.

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During the month of October, make a creative habit of working with your hands. Find a fun DIY project or pottery class and build something. Pick up an instrument or take a sign language class. Get festive and carve a pumpkin or craft a handmade Halloween costume. The opportunities are endless! How are you going to take on this month’s Creative Habit challenge? Please share your experience making a habit of working with your hands using the hashtag #AOCBlogCreativeHabit

Happy Haute Halloween!

It’s almost 5 o’clock. Maybe you’ve got a small spooky gathering to get to tonight. Maybe you’ll be hanging in handing out candy. BUT, you’re a major procrastinator, and you still don’t have a Halloween costume to wear! Now, you’ve started rationalizing your freaky faux pas:

I’ll wear last year’s costume. (which you already did last year, you repeat-costume offender – you can’t be a sexy angel every year!)

I’ve got to have some cat ears around here somewhere! (Boring! Been there, done that!)

I’m too cool for a costume. (P.S. There’s nothing cool about NOT wearing a costume.)

I’ll just be festive and wear black along with every orange accessory and piece of clothing I own! (Nice try, but you’re still not wearing a costume!)

DON’T be a party pooper this year! DON’T disappoint your trick-or-treaters by showing up to the door in your yoga pants! DO copy my costume – it’s cheap, easy, and awesome!

photo (6)

I took a page from Jeremy Scott’s Spring 2014 runway show and made the easiest, cutest alien costume ever.

1. Simply swing by your nearest craft/fabric store on the way home from work (don’t worry, I would never send you to a Halloween store on Halloween), and pick up some iron on letters and a neon shirt of your choice (if needed – who knows, you may have something like this lying around!).

2. Pair it with things you already have! Grab those metallic bottoms in your closet: skirt, denim, leggings. Don’t have metallic bottoms? Go for coated denim, leather, basic black, or anything with sparkle and add any metallic accessories you have, maybe a purse or jewelry (come on, I know you have some bling that could take this look out of this world, cheesy pun intended).

3. Add your own twist! I attended a Halloween party last weekend, so I had the chance to snag some antennae, glow sticks, and a little laser gun to complete my look. Jeremy Scott’s model was styled with sunglasses. Make it your own! HAPPY HAUTE HALLOWEEN!