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CRAVE: First Edition

Crave, a verb:

1. To long for; want greatly, desire eagerly

2. To require; need

The routine has become second nature to us. We open our Facebook page, Twitter app, Instagram feed, Pinterest board, we start scrolling, and we click, click, click away at that little Like button as something passes by that strikes our fancy. In what feels like a matter of minutes, an hour passes, we close the tab or window or app, and we resume our day. But what happens to all the Likes? Just as quickly as we endorse a photo, article, video, we forget. Where does all our interest go? Is it really that fleeting? Or are we so overloaded with things we Like that the next time we visit our accounts, we hastily move on to the next interesting thing?

Call me a virtual hoarder, but I compile my Likes. I visit my activity log on Facebook, view posts I’ve liked on Instagram, scroll through my favorites on Twitter, and look through my likes on Pinterest. And in a much less robotic and more engaged manner, I extract the information I actually like and bookmark it in a folder called Cravings. Here are some of the most recent things I crave:


Bryr horizontal

Longing for… sandal season? Add an open-toed clog to your spring and summer shoe collection. Bryr clogs are designed and handmade in San Francisco using traditional European wood bases and American leather.



Hungry for… innovative eats? Download Tastemade to watch food adventures, cooking shows, and local quicktakes. Find the perfect recipe for your next dinner party or the tastiest restaurant for your next date night or girl’s night out.



Yearning for… European style? Check out the Italian clothing and accessories brand Lazzari. Thanks to their collaboration with amazing North Carolina based artist Jordan Grace Owens, I discovered this unique European label.


TNP vertical

Itching for… an innovative online magazine? Add The New Potato to your reading list. It started with sisters Danielle & Laura Kosann and the basic concept, “everyone has to eat.” From there, they blur the lines between food, fashion, design, and media in every article.


DIY Life Skinnygirl Cocktails for Spring

Thirsty for… calorie-friendly spring cocktails? Visit the Elvis Duran Morning Show site for three recipes featuring Skinnygirl wine and liquor courtesy of DIY savant, Web Girl Kathleen.


Elke horizontal

Pining for… a new leather bag? Look no further than By Elke. These one-of-a-kind and small-run leather and vintage canvas bags are handmade in Boulder, Colorado using repurposed, antique, and vintage materials.

Beauty Tips for Spring + Wedding Season

For three long months we’ve been buried in snow and tortured by brutal winds and harsh temperatures. We’ve covered every inch of our skin with bulky coats, hats, and scarves. Our beauty regimens have gotten bleak and turned into a constant battle with dry skin and cracked lips. Today, everything changes. It’s the first day of spring!

Although many of us are not experiencing glorious, balmy weather on this first day of spring, we’re starting to get a taste of the warmer days to come. Temperatures are slowly but surely beginning to rise, days are getting longer and brighter, and we’re finally able to start shedding those winter layers. Soon, we’ll be enjoying a little sun on our skin and color in our cheeks. Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal, reviving your warm-weather wardrobe, and refreshing your beauty regimen.


Years before I moved to New York City, the NYC-based Elvis Duran Morning Show became part of my morning routine thanks to iHeartRadio. Every day, while styling my hair and applying my makeup, the morning show provides my soundtrack. One of their partnerships is with one of my favorite beauty brands, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Founder Bobbi Brown herself joins the Elvis Duran crew regularly to discuss the latest beauty tips and trends and field questions from listeners. Yesterday, she visited the show to share her best beauty tips for spring and for wedding season.


1. Check In with Your Foundation

No matter what your natural skin tone, everyone is paler in the winter. As warmer weather approaches, we start regaining our natural color. Don’t forget to check in with your foundation, and get a new shade for spring and summer.

2. Warm Up Your Cheeks

blush and brighten

MY PICKS: Bobbi Brown Powder Blush and Brightening Finishing Powder

The quickest and easiest way to give yourself that spring glow is to warm up your cheeks with a little color. Instead of contouring, Bobbi suggests layering a soft, rosy blush with a light, bright hue right on the cheek bone to enhance the shape of your face.

3. Trend Alert: Nude Face, Bright Lip

Bobbi reminded us of the SS15 runway trend: nude face, bright lip. For years the focus seemed to be on bold eyes, but this spring the bright lip reigns supreme. Keep your face, cheeks, and eyes soft, simple, and neutral, then top off the look with an eye-catching lip.


1. Do a Test Run

Whether you’re having your makeup done professionally or doing it yourself, be sure to do a test run. Have someone take a picture so you can make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your look. Need help? Check out Bobbi’s makeup lessons.

2. Make Sure It’s Long-Wearing

long wear 1

Your makeup needs to last from the ceremony to pictures all the way to the reception. The key to having a bright, fresh face the whole way through is ensuring your makeup is long-wearing.

3. Keep Your Face Nude and Natural

While you want bold makeup for photos, you also want to ensure you look like your natural, beautiful self, particularly if you’re a girl who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup on a normal day.

4. Focus on Your Eyes (and don’t forget the waterproof mascara!)

They say eyes are the window to the soul, and on your wedding day, you want yours to be glowing with love and happiness. Of course, don’t forget the waterproof mascara – it’s a must!

5. Choose a Lip Color You Love

lips 1

MY PICK: Bobbi Brown Original Lip Color

Lip color is so personal based on your skin tone, personal preferences, and, in this case, the color palette of your wedding. Choose a lip color you love, and you can’t go wrong.

6. Disregard Any Beauty Trends – Go for a Classic, Timeless Look You’ll Love for Years to Come

There are so many beauty trends out there that we’re all dying to try. Don’t choose your wedding day to test them out. Go for a classic, timeless look you’ll love for years to come. Save the trends for your bachelorette celebration!


Now through Sunday, March 22, get a $25 gift card when you spend $100 or more. Plus, Bobbi Brown always offers FREE shipping on orders over $65, FREE samples with every order, and FREE returns on all foundations, correctors, concealers, and powders to ensure you get the perfect match.

3 Unsuspectingly Stylish Instagram Accounts

Instagram is arguably one of the fastest growing social media platforms. On this week’s episode of HBO’s Silicon Valley, I learned that Instagram actually began as a project similar to Foursquare that focused on checking in and location based social networking, then it pivoted and revised its focus to mobile photography. Instagram has been a particularly significant platform for the fashion community. From LIKEtoKNOW:IT, a service that allows you to LIKE photos on Instagram and receive ready to shop product links directly to your inbox, to Vogue’s impromptu Instagram fashion shoot aka promotion for the Met Gala and the Anna Wintour Costume Center’s Charles James: Beyond Fashion exhibit, the fashion community has found ways to fully utilize Instagram’s features. The platform is gaining such popularity in the fashion industry, the Council of Fashion Designer’s of America (CFDA) named their first ever Fashion Instagrammer of the Year to be the official CFDA Instagram correspondent for the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards (which were last night, btw!). You can find plenty of lists floating around of the most stylish Instagram accounts you need to follow now. These mainly consist of bloggers, models, editors, designers, and the like. But what about the awesome Instagrammers who are flying under the radar? Well, I think I’ve found three of them. Here are 3 unsuspectingly stylish Instagram accounts you should check out!


kiernan shipka

Maybe I’m weird and creepy for being obsessed with a 14-year-old’s Instagram. Maybe I’m just partial to anything and everything relating to AMC’s Mad Men. But really, is it just me or does this girl have amazing style? Chanel + Chuck Taylor + Miu Miu… need I say more?


bethany watson

You may know Bethany Watson by her voice as one of the leading radio personalities of the nationally syndicated Elvis Duran Morning Show. Bethany is a born and raised Wisconsin gal (shout out to all my Mad Town ladies) living in NYC. Of all my unsuspectingly stylish Instagrammers, Bethany rocks the most attainable, everygirl looks – most recently she prided herself in finding the amazing Alice + Olivia pumps (pictured above) at a local consignment store for $60!


busy phillips

Busy Philipps is my all time favorite person to follow on Instagram. In addition to showcasing her amazing fashion sense, she posts tons of awesome pictures of her life in LA and some of the best throwback photos. This major celeb’s Instagram is down to earth, totally relatable, and seriously stylish.

Know of an awesome Instagrammer that’s flying under the radar? Share the unsuspectingly stylish Instagram account you’re obsessed with following in the comments below!

My Newest Obsession: Modnique

Tuesday started just like every other day: listening to the Elvis Duran Morning Show. One of my favorite segments came on, What’s Trending with Carla Marie, and she shared a site recommended by one of the other members of the show, Danielle Monaro. Just like Danielle, I’m newly addicted to Modnique.

Elvis Duran Show What's Trending with Carla Marie Official Logo

Elvis Duran Show What’s Trending with Carla Marie Official Logo

You know I love a good deal, and this site takes it to a whole new level. Like other sale sites, Modnique has a number of designer brands for men, women and children at 50-85% off the MSRP. However, Modnique sets itself apart with its Daily Deal. This is an item that’s practically free. For example, here’s today’s daily deal: ladies peridot earrings set in sterling silver valued at $129, on sale for $9. Yes, $9!

Ladies Peridot Earrings Made of 925 Sterling Silver, $9 on Modnique

Ladies Peridot Earrings Made of 925 Sterling Silver, $9 on Modnique

When I learned about Modnique on Tuesday, I browsed the site and checked out their “Coming Soon” section at the bottom of the homepage. Since then, I’ve been eagerly awaiting an event from one of my favorite denim brands: Level 99. Below are my picks for my favorite jeans from this boutique. Welcome to the wonderful world of Modnique!

Fall Colored Denim

Level 99 Classic Five-Pocket Skinny Jeans in Wrought-iron, $49 at Modnique

Level 99 Classic Five-Pocket Skinny Jeans in Wrought-iron, $49 at Modnique

I own not 1 but 2 pairs of these jeans. In my opinion, they run a little large, so I recommend sizing down if you like a fitted jean. If you prefer something slightly looser, stick to your true size. I have both this wrought-iron color and the cappuccino. The wrought-iron is the ideal neutral. It looks perfect with brown, black, and charcoal. I’d been wanting some dark brown denim for a long time, and the cappuccino color is the perfect hue. Both are super stunning shades for fall. 

Add Some Flare to Your Denim Collection

Level 99 Faded Wash Flare Jeans, $55 at Modnique

Level 99 Faded Wash Flare Jeans, $55 at Modnique

I’m a petite 5’2″, and I never thought I could pull off a flare jean. Boy, was I wrong! With the right pair of pumps or tall booties, flare jeans are a must-have addition to your denim collection no matter your height or shape. I think these Level 99 flares would look great on straight-slim girls or cuvry gals with a sweet bootie. Any lady can rock these jeans! I’m also adoring this wash – faded in all the right places! P.S. I find Level 99 traditional blue jeans fit TTS!

The Perfect LBJ (Little Black Jean)

Level 99 Slim Boot Cut Jeans, $55 at Modnique

Level 99 Slim Boot Cut Jeans, $55 at Modnique

If you don’t own a good pair of go-to black denim, it’s time for you to invest! Every girl needs a classic black jean in their denim assortment. My advice: stick with a timeless style, like these Level 99 boot cuts. This fit is flattering for everyone, and in black, boot cuts are super sleek and slimming. I have yet to try these jeans specifically, but I imagine the sizing more closely aligns with the traditional blue jeans, so add your true size to the shopping cart on these LBJs!

Relive Today, Create Tomorrow


Katie Holmes and Bobbi Brown courtesy of Facebook

Image courtesy of Bobbi Brown, photographed by Tom Munro, Fall 2013

1. The Elvis Duran Show brought in beauty expert Bobbi Brown to discuss NYFW, fall fashion and beauty trends,and her new Bobbi and Katie Collection, a collaborative beauty bundle with actress and brand ambassador, Katie Holmes.

2. New York Fashion Week kicked off with a beautiful show of Nicholas K’s Spring 2014 collection.

3. Morgan Selin of the Rhode Island School of Design won the Supima Design Competition.

Desigual board courtesy of Instagram

Image courtesy of Desigual Instagram 

4. Enjoyed an afternoon delight with the Desigual show. Nothing says Spring 2014 like fun, bright colors and smiling models blowing kisses and dancing down the runway.

5. Day 1 of New York Fashion Week featuring collections for Spring 2014 closed with a stunning show, “Create Tomorrow,” of up and coming designers from the Art Institute of New York.