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Creative Habit: Color (A Verb)

When I went to college, my mom gave me an adult coloring book and a box crayons. At first, I chalked this up to a final attempt to salvage my childhood as I was heading out of the house and toward young adulthood. I tucked the book and crayons on a shelf between textbooks and framed photos and didn’t give them much thought. When people came to my room, they would notice the big yellow Crayola box, then look beside it. And they started to ask if they could color.

I ended up toting around that coloring book and box of crayons for the next four years of college. Pages got ripped out when people wanted to keep their work and others enjoyed making a contribution to the book. When I couldn’t pour any more words into my journal or my creative writing classes, I would turn to the coloring book. It evolved into this amazing tool and creative outlet for me and my friends whether we needed a mindless escape or to express ourselves.

Creative Habit 2015 Color B_edited

I still have this book today, and surprisingly there are still a few blank pages left to be explored. Now, it mostly serves as a colorful walk down memory lane. But most importantly, my mom’s simple gift taught me the power of color (a verb).

So, for November’s creative habit, I challenge you to channel your inner child and color. If you want some guidance, purchase a coloring book (here’s the one I have), or simply get some crayons, markers, colored pens or pencils, highlighters, sharpies, pastels, and some plan paper. Just start coloring! It’s not just for kids anymore.

If you’re just joining the creative habit series, be sure to look back at the challenges for the past two months for more creative inspiration and learn about the book that sparked the series, Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habit. Finally, don’t forget to share your experience making a habit of coloring using the hashtag #AOCBlogCreativeHabit.

Warm Up with Spring Inspiration

Baby, it’s cold outside! So, I decided to warm up with Spring inspiration. If you’re like me, you spend these brutally cold winter days bundled up in layers of black and gray. Today, I needed to dream of more colorful days, bikini bodies, and brightly polished nails. After a long day of weathering the fierce winds and falling snow, sit back, relax, and enjoy this Spring-inspired style collage! Stay warm, ladies!

All photos courtesy of Instagram

All photos courtesy of Instagram

Three Things to Know

Urban Decay

Naked3 Palette courtesy of Urban Decay

Naked3 Palette courtesy of Urban Decay

One of the most coveted products from American cosmetics company Urban Decay is its Naked Palette. This universally flattering set of a dozen eye shadows caused such a frenzy that the brand released a second edition. Naked2 features twelve new colors, five of which are exclusive to the palette. Not so long ago, Urban Decay released a teaser video announcing a third Naked set was in the works. Finally, last week the brand published official images of the highly anticipated Naked3 palette. In my opinion, this looks like the best Naked set yet. The original Naked Palette features a range of bronze-based colors and the Naked2 set focuses on a more gray toned assortment of hues. The Naked3 palette highlights rose neutrals and looks absolutely stunning. Want to be the first to know when the Naked3 will hit the shelves? Sign up to receive an email alert from Urban Decay when it launches.


GAP Official Logo

GAP Official Logo

Like many other retailers that started before the boom of the Internet, Gap is trying to refocus its efforts to drive today’s tech savvy online shopper back through its brick and mortar doors. Over the past year, Gap has been under the creative direction of Rebekka Bay, who has her sights set on bringing back the excitement of shopping in store. With the brand’s large online customer base in mind, Gap has introduced a Reserve program. How does it work? They sum it up in 3 easy steps: See it. Love it. Have it held in a store – with one quick click! So, next time you’re online shopping at Gap or Banana Republic, give the initiative a try by selecting “FIND IT NOW” as opposed to “ADD TO BAG.” Once the item is found at a store near you, you’ll have the option to “RESERVE IN STORE” at participating locations. The only downfall I see is that the program is still clearly in a test market type phase. I gave a few zip codes a try and couldn’t find any participating stores. And, at this time you can only reserve up to 5 items. Still, a valiant effort with definite potential.


Nike Rose Gold FuelBand 2 courtesy of Fashionista.com

Nike Rose Gold FuelBand 2 courtesy of Fashionista.com

You might be familiar with the highly popular Nike+ FuelBand, an activity tracker that tallies daily activity from the calories you burn and steps you take and converts them to “fuel points.” The information is synced with Nike+, available online or via an app, which allows you to monitor your progress, set fitness goals, and interact with others in the community. Despite the utilitarian, athletic, and somewhat masculine appearance of the band, many ladies in the fashion industry have been spotted wearing the fitness device. Nike took notice and designed a more fashionable version of the FuelBand that’s stylish enough to pair with your favorite bangles for one functional and fun arm party. Better yet? It debuts tomorrow, Thursday, November 21!

Style Collage

Ever have one of those days that flies by, you look at the clock, and say, “How did it get to be 9:30pm?!” Well, today was one of those days where I was so slammed, I neglected this blog! So, in an effort to give the blog a little love before I hit the hay, I’m trying something new: a style collage of some images and inspiration. Who doesn’t like a little pick me up at the end of a long day? Enjoy!

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