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NYC Life: Street Shopping

One of the unique qualities of New York City is the prevalence of street vendors. To New Yorkers, it’s completely commonplace to see people selling anything and everything, from food and drink to apparel and accessories on nearly every sidewalk and street corner. Some people outside NYC may associate these sellers with counterfeit bags and knockoff sunglasses (yes, these do exist), but there are countless vendors who make honest income from street sales.

Although I’m unphased by street vendors, I don’t regularly buy goods off the street. Sure, I’ve picked up a bag of onions from a produce stand in a pinch, browsed interesting art outside Central Park, or been unable to resist the scent of those sweet, crunchy candied street nuts. But the other day, I made my first official impulse street purchase of something most people might consider quite strange: makeup.

In preparation for writing this post, I did my due diligence on the makeup brand I purchased, Makeover Essentials, and I was stunned by the negative reviews regarding the selling approach. Maybe I’ve become desensitized to individuals selling product on the street in NYC, but I wasn’t misled about this product in any way, and I wasn’t pressured or conned into purchasing it. In terms quality, the Makeover Essentials products are not on par with high-end department store makeup brands (Bobbi Brown, Lancome, Trish McEvoy, and the like). However, if you’re looking for an alternative to premium beauty brands but want a step up from drugstore products, I would recommend Makeover Essentials. Read my detailed reviews below, and check out the brand for yourself!

24/7 Makeover Portfolio


Retails for $59.99, Compare to Bobbi Brown Nude Basics for $80.00

The 24/7 Makeup Portfolio includes mascara, eyeliner duo, and two palettes, Sunrise and Sunset. Each palette contains pressed powder, cheek color, shadow trio, and lip duo. I was really impressed with the mascara. I’m a stanch user of Lancome’s Definicils mascara and usually scoff at other formulas and brush shapes. The eye pencil was a bit dry and harsh as-is, but this was easily remedied using the handy lighter hack. Not all of the eye and lip colors were right for my skin tone, but overall, the hues were fairly neutral and flattering, went on smoothly, and paired well with each other. The brushes that come with the palettes are low quality, but I apply most of my makeup with my fingers, so this was a non-issue for me. The vegan leather portfolio holds everything nicely and feels and looks great.

Shimmer Powder Brush Bronze

Retails for $29.99, Compare to Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick for $46.00

Retails for $29.99, Compare to Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick for $46.00

I was really excited about the design of the self-dispensing bronzing brush, however this bronzer was too shimmery for my taste. I would liken it to Bobbi Brown’s shimmer brick and would recommend using it as a blush as opposed to an overall face bronzer.

Lunar Lip Color Kit


Retails for $29.99, Compare to Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Palette for $39.00

I’m typically not a fan of “pot rouge” style lip color, but the colors in this kit were ultra-creamy and went on smoothly and seamlessly. The hues are fairly sheer but are ideal for everyday or paired over a bold lip for a touch of sheen. I would also easily use these for a dewy, balmy cheek tint.

Beauty Tips for Spring + Wedding Season

For three long months we’ve been buried in snow and tortured by brutal winds and harsh temperatures. We’ve covered every inch of our skin with bulky coats, hats, and scarves. Our beauty regimens have gotten bleak and turned into a constant battle with dry skin and cracked lips. Today, everything changes. It’s the first day of spring!

Although many of us are not experiencing glorious, balmy weather on this first day of spring, we’re starting to get a taste of the warmer days to come. Temperatures are slowly but surely beginning to rise, days are getting longer and brighter, and we’re finally able to start shedding those winter layers. Soon, we’ll be enjoying a little sun on our skin and color in our cheeks. Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal, reviving your warm-weather wardrobe, and refreshing your beauty regimen.


Years before I moved to New York City, the NYC-based Elvis Duran Morning Show became part of my morning routine thanks to iHeartRadio. Every day, while styling my hair and applying my makeup, the morning show provides my soundtrack. One of their partnerships is with one of my favorite beauty brands, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Founder Bobbi Brown herself joins the Elvis Duran crew regularly to discuss the latest beauty tips and trends and field questions from listeners. Yesterday, she visited the show to share her best beauty tips for spring and for wedding season.


1. Check In with Your Foundation

No matter what your natural skin tone, everyone is paler in the winter. As warmer weather approaches, we start regaining our natural color. Don’t forget to check in with your foundation, and get a new shade for spring and summer.

2. Warm Up Your Cheeks

blush and brighten

MY PICKS: Bobbi Brown Powder Blush and Brightening Finishing Powder

The quickest and easiest way to give yourself that spring glow is to warm up your cheeks with a little color. Instead of contouring, Bobbi suggests layering a soft, rosy blush with a light, bright hue right on the cheek bone to enhance the shape of your face.

3. Trend Alert: Nude Face, Bright Lip

Bobbi reminded us of the SS15 runway trend: nude face, bright lip. For years the focus seemed to be on bold eyes, but this spring the bright lip reigns supreme. Keep your face, cheeks, and eyes soft, simple, and neutral, then top off the look with an eye-catching lip.


1. Do a Test Run

Whether you’re having your makeup done professionally or doing it yourself, be sure to do a test run. Have someone take a picture so you can make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your look. Need help? Check out Bobbi’s makeup lessons.

2. Make Sure It’s Long-Wearing

long wear 1

Your makeup needs to last from the ceremony to pictures all the way to the reception. The key to having a bright, fresh face the whole way through is ensuring your makeup is long-wearing.

3. Keep Your Face Nude and Natural

While you want bold makeup for photos, you also want to ensure you look like your natural, beautiful self, particularly if you’re a girl who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup on a normal day.

4. Focus on Your Eyes (and don’t forget the waterproof mascara!)

They say eyes are the window to the soul, and on your wedding day, you want yours to be glowing with love and happiness. Of course, don’t forget the waterproof mascara – it’s a must!

5. Choose a Lip Color You Love

lips 1

MY PICK: Bobbi Brown Original Lip Color

Lip color is so personal based on your skin tone, personal preferences, and, in this case, the color palette of your wedding. Choose a lip color you love, and you can’t go wrong.

6. Disregard Any Beauty Trends – Go for a Classic, Timeless Look You’ll Love for Years to Come

There are so many beauty trends out there that we’re all dying to try. Don’t choose your wedding day to test them out. Go for a classic, timeless look you’ll love for years to come. Save the trends for your bachelorette celebration!


Now through Sunday, March 22, get a $25 gift card when you spend $100 or more. Plus, Bobbi Brown always offers FREE shipping on orders over $65, FREE samples with every order, and FREE returns on all foundations, correctors, concealers, and powders to ensure you get the perfect match.

Photo Shoot Preview

I’ve been so excited about my recent photo shoot with Angie Webb of Suburbanite Photography. Angie and I had the opportunity to shoot on location at Osteria Mattone, a restaurant combining the casual spirit of an osteria with the more formal dining of a trattoria. I can’t resist a quick post to share a sneak peek inside the shoot. Today, Angie shared this preview image on the Suburbanite Photography Facebook page:

Tee: Velvet  Skirt: A.L.C.  Necklace: Wouters & Hendrix Earrings: Jocelyn Negron Collection Makeup: Bobbi Brown, Marc Jacobs, and Trish McEvoy  Hair: Salon Dm3 and Moroccan Oil  Nails: Gelish

Tee: Velvet
Skirt: A.L.C.
Necklace: Wouters & Hendrix
Earrings: Jocelyn Negron Collection
Makeup: Bobbi Brown, Marc Jacobs, and Trish McEvoy
Hair: Salon Dm3 and Moroccan Oil
Nails: Gelish

Stay tuned for more images from the shoot!

Midweek Motivation

Sometimes the middle of the week just hits us like a hefty credit card bill. We’re overwhelmed, overextended, and overworked. There’s accomplishment in knowing the week is halfway over, yet we’ve still got so much to do in the next two days and the weekend feels so far away. If you’re like me, your reaction is denial: avoid, zone out, distract, escape. I typically turn to social media looking for some mindless reading, creative inspiration, or just some good old midweek motivation. My particular sluggishness during this midweek slump triggered me to create an inspiration board for all of you out there who may have the same case of the Wednesday-blahs. So before you head to bed, do one last thing for yourself on this Wellness Wednesday and enjoy some midweek motivation! Thursday is almost here, Friday is right around the corner, and the weekend is just about in our reach. We can do it!

collage april 2014

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Top 5 Fashion Magazines


Pool and beach weather is so close we can taste it. For some of you who are teachers or in school, you might be gearing up for spring break. Magazines are perfect for poolside reading, and they’re ultra beach-friendly too. Before you head to the store and blow $20 on magazines that ultimately underwhelm, take some advice from a self-proclaimed magazine junkie.


Print may be a declining industry, but I’m still a magazine connoisseur. Call me old school, but there’s just something about turning those pages or tearing them out to add them to my IRL Pinterest board a la Shoshanna’s manifestation board in HBO’s Girls, Season 1. I also can’t resist a magazine with a captivating cover and seem to have developed a bad habit of keeping the ones I can’t part with and stacking them in piles so high they turn into makeshift end tables. Maybe I’ll single handedly keep the magazine industry alive with my obsession, or I could attempt to rope others into my strange addiction. So, I come to you today to try to get you on board the magazine train by sharing my top 5 fashion magazines.

caitlyn_blog291 cropped

You may think I’m going to feature typical fashion magazines: Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Lucky. I do buy conventional fashion magazines from time to time if there’s a particular cover story that catches my eye or there’s an interesting feature I want to read, but for the most part I head for the other fashion magazines. If you’re typically not the biggest fan of fashion magazines, maybe the mainstream ones aren’t for you, and you should give some of these others a try. It might just renew your love for fashion magazines!


What I’m Wearing:

Dress: Rebecca Taylor
Bangle: Dannijo
Rings: Vintage and Gorjana
Bracelet: By Boe
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman
Makeup: Bobbi Brown, Lancome, and Marc Jacobs
Hair: Bumble & Bumble and Moroccan Oil
Nails: Gelish

Photographed by Angie Webb of Suburbanite Photography

5. InStyle


InStyle is my favorite popular fashion magazine. It has a little something for everyone with attainable looks for the every-girl and some high end pieces for the serious fashionistas. InStyle also has a nice variety of articles in addition to the fashion-focused ones from in-depth celebrity features to home, beauty, and health. I may be partial because I’m a huge Diane Von Furstenberg fan, but my favorite monthly column in the magazine is DVF’s “Ask a Designer.”

4. Allure


I rekindled my love for Allure last year. I couldn’t resist the December 2013 issue featuring Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen on the covers. Allure is arguably more of a beauty magazine than a fashion magazine, but let’s face it (no pun intended), beauty is a big part of fashion, and there are still true fashion elements woven in. The magazine is best know for its “Best of Beauty” awards each October. We all know beauty products are a necessary evil, and we all know how expensive they can be, so this is a great go-to magazine for the best beauty hacks.

3. Nylon


Nylon is one of the more mainstream of the indie fashion magazines. Because the magazine is relatively new by comparison to other longstanding fashion magazines, it’s a bit more youthful and cutting edge. In addition to fashion, Nylon also focuses on pop culture, design, technology, music, and the hottest up and coming stars. Nylon also spans beyond the pages of the magazine. They have their own online shop, which is filled with tons of unique and quirky clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty products, and home goods.

2. Eide


I may be partial to Eide because it hails from my hometown in the south – ATL represent! However, this national magazine takes a highly artistic approach to life and style. One of the cornerstones of the magazine is creating a cohesive narrative in each seasonal issue. Eide also places a heavy focus on aesthetics. Because the magazine only produces four issues per year, it’s essential that Eide carefully curates each issue with rich content and extreme attention to detail. Like Nylon, Eide also extends beyond the pages of the magazine with an online shop.

1. W Magazine

w mag

My all time favorite fashion publication is W Magazine. To me, each issue is a work of art, which is why I can’t bear to throw away a single copy I purchase. W is arguably a high fashion magazine, therefore most of its content is highly unattainable for every-girls like me. However, I just can’t tear my eyes away from the stunning photographs and carefully composed features. I draw tons of creative inspiration from this magazine. Whether you’re a photographer, illustrator, makeup artist, hairdresser, stylist, or just a die-hard fashionista, your creative juices will start flowing like crazy as you turn each page. If you truly have a fascination with the fashion industry, W is the magazine for you.