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Activewear Essentials

October is the Month of Movement on ARTicles of Clothing Blog, and today I’m sharing my second YouTube video featuring my activewear essentials and tips to keep moving this fall. 


Although bikini weather is over and the temperatures are getting colder, it’s important to stay active.


This fall, swap a happy hour for a Yoga class with your girlfriends 




try a romantic jog in the park for your next date night.


FEEL GOOD and LOOK GOOD this holiday season by staying active now!

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Wellness + Workout Wednesday

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As you all know, one of my resolutions for 2014 is to FEEL GOOD and LOOK GOOD. So, this Wednesday I’m sharing my Wellness + Workout Wednesday routine. You may have seen me feature an awesome online fitness company called Mybod Wellness in previous posts. In case you missed it, let me tell you a little bit about Mybod.

Mybod Wellness offers one-on-one Personal Training, Pilates or Yoga sessions via Skype or Google+.

So, what does this mean? You set up your computer in your living room, office, hotel room, or anywhere on your time and one of Mybod’s certified instructors comes to you over Skype or Goggle+ for a personalized one-on-one workout session.

Beginner, intermediate, or advanced, Mybod caters all levels. Whether you’re looking for an intense workout that makes you sweat or a mindful and relaxing stretch that clears your mind, your Mybod instructor will create a session just for you and your needs at that very moment.

Ready to book your first Mybod session? Visit their site for pricing and booking, and be sure to mention you’re an AOC Blog reader to get a 20-minute FREE session or 10% off your first session or package!**

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Still not sure if a Mybod session is for you? Denise Posnak, the founder of Mybod has partnered with BK Nation for their 28-Day Fitness Challenge and is offering LIVE Google Hangout Pilates sessions each Monday in February from 12:00 – 12:30 PM EST. Can’t make the session? You can watch a recorded version at a later time that’s convenient. Here’s the first Hangout from this past Monday. All future recordings can be found on Mybod’s Google+ page.

P.S. If you’re a New Yorker, you can attend Mybod’s Refresh Your Resolutions event in Brooklyn on Saturday, February 15 from 1:00-3:30pm. To register and learn more details about the workshop, visit the event page on Eventbrite. 

**AOC reader discounts exclude the Intro Sessions for New Clients.

This post was brought to you as part of FEEL GOOD, LOOK GOOD

This post was brought to you as part of FEEL GOOD, LOOK GOOD

Inside Shape Magazine’s Jan/Feb 2014 Issue

Shape Jan/Feb 2014

Shape Jan/Feb 2014

Hello, readers! I could never have imagined how busy 2014 would be, and I can’t believe we’re nearing the end of January! Thank you for bearing with my absence! Without further ado, let’s dive right back in by kicking off my new series for 2014: FEEL GOOD, LOOK GOOD.

Looking good starts with feeling good, and the New Year is the perfect time to reassess, restart, and rejuvenate. Feeling good involves two key components: physical health and mental health. From achieving goals to fitness and food, there are a lot of ways to modify your daily routine to FEEL GOOD, LOOK GOOD, and have a better year! A lot of people are overwhelmed by the pressure of the concept “New Year, new you.” They believe they have to make major, life altering changes to achieve a better year. Don’t set yourself up for failure, disappointment, and unrealistic expectations. Big goals require a big commitment, intense dedication, and a lot of work. If you’re up for the challenge, set a big goal to feel good and look good in 2014! However, if you’re just looking to have a better year in 2014 than you did in 2013, set a goal of making small changes in your everyday life. These small changes will add up and produce results!

I’ve also been promising reviews on AOC, so today I’m giving you a double dose of NEW ARTicles with a look inside Shape magazine’s Jan/Feb 2014 issue. Let’s take a peek at five highlights from the issue!

GOALS: How to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions 

Shape Jan/Feb 2014, Rock Your Resolutions

Shape Jan/Feb 2014, Rock Your Resolutions

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Lose weight? Exercise more? Spend less, save more? Quit smoking? Stress less? Eat more healthfully? No matter what you’re trying to accomplish in 2014, the Shape Jan/Feb issue has got you covered with simple solutions to stick to your resolutions. In this article, Rock Your Resolutions, it’s as easy as “never clean your plate” or “follow the 2-day rule” to curb impulse buying to achieve your 2014 goals. Always remember it’s small changes that make a big impact!

NEW: It’s never too late to start or revisit your resolutions to FEEL GOOD and LOOK GOOD in 2014! Read more about Rock Your Resolutions!

HOME: Let Your Living Space be a Solace, Starting with the Bedroom

Shape Jan/Feb 2014, Give Your Bedroom a Checkup

Shape Jan/Feb 2014, Give Your Bedroom a Checkup

According to Shape’s Assistant Editor Mallory Creveling, getting enough sleep is essential to feeling good! Sufficient sleep can protect against obesity, chronic disease, and even wrinkles! In this article, Give Your Bedroom a Checkup, set your sights on big or small changes to revamp your sleep sanctuary. Whether it’s setting a bold, long-term goal of investing in a new mattress to a simple, short-term goal of purchasing a relaxing sound machine for white noise, you can make your bedroom better and you can feel good and look good this year!

NEW: Read more tips about How to Give Your Bedroom a Better-Sleep Makeover!

PLAY: Whether You’re Single or in a Relationship, Start off the New Year with Good Vibrations

Shape Jan/Feb 2014, Good Vibrations

Shape Jan/Feb 2014, Good Vibrations

Hoping to spice up your sex life in 2014? According to Shape more than half of women admit to enhancing their sex life with “good vibrations,” either alone or with a partner. From beginners to girls on the go to couples looking to supercharge time in the bedroom, this article, Good Vibrations, is your guide to the right toy for you. And, don’t worry, amping up your sex life doesn’t have to break the bank. With prices ranging from $28 to $160, there’s a device for any budget!

NEW: Check out the slideshow to find the right toy to supercharge your sex life! 

FITNESS: De-stress with this Winter Workout

Shape Jan/Feb 2014, Stress Rx

Shape Jan/Feb 2014, Stress Rx

Shape is packed with a number of workout routines to suit any skill level and lifestyle. This issue’s Get Fit Workout of the Month caught my eye for it’s promise to effectively “erase tension and cultivate calm.” Stress Rx is part of the Rx Series by fitness trainer Jill Miller and is comprised of just 6 moves using rubber balls to “stimulate your muscles and their surrounding tissues.” Other workout benefits of this 10-minute routine include an increased range of motion and a speedy recovery for those recuperating from a muscle injury.

NEW: For more on the Rx Series, check out Jill Miller’s book!

FASHION: Look Hot Even When it’s Cold with these Athletic Ensembles

Shape Jan/Feb 2014, Cold Play

Shape Jan/Feb 2014, Cold Play

From staying chic on the slopes to daring to bear your mid drift at the studio, the fit fashion in this issue of Shape is seriously swoon-worthy. Most looks are geared toward those of you looking to be fashionable while partaking in winter sports. However, if you simply love to rock a sporty look while jetting around town, these ensembles feature stylish pieces for a casual, everyday outfit! The Cold Play spread also features beauty tips on keeping your skin, lips, teeth, and more looking their best this winter!

BONUS: Must See Extra!

If you pick up this issue, you must turn to the Get Fit News on page 92 and check out the spotlight on my favorite at home personal training site, MyBod Wellness. You’ve seen me feature MyBod before, and I’m so excited to direct you to their feature in Shape!

For more from this issue of Shape, get it on the newsstands now for just $4.99!

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This post was brought to you as part of FEEL GOOD, LOOK GOOD

Gift Guides: Helpful or Hindering?

How many gift guides have you looked at this season? One? Five? Twenty? Twenty THOUSAND? Gift guides started as these helpful little lists, info graphics, and collages to help you generate gift ideas or find that perfect gift you’ve been hunting down for a good deal. Then, the trend caught on, and now every business, brand, and blogger thinks that they’re the authority on exactly what you need to get every single person in your life this season.

Unfortunately, as a blogger a gift guide seems to be a necessary evil. So, I’m giving you one with no particular rhyme, reason, or theme. Just 5 cool gift ideas I’ve happened upon this season categorized in the typical, cliche gift guide way.

P.S. Every gift is under $100!


Denise Posnak, Founder and Master Pilates Teacher, MyBOD Wellness

Denise Posnak, Founder and Master Pilates Teacher, MyBOD Wellness

What: MyBOD Wellness Live Online Personal Training Jump-Start Pack

– 3 private 45-minute Pilates or yoga sessions via Skype, FaceTime or Google+

– Body assessment

– Customized routine created for you

Cost: $99.00


Images courtesy of Free People and Ulta

Images courtesy of Free People and Ulta

What: Free People Cascade Legwarmer + Ulta’s Exclusive Cheers to the Holidays 4pc Nail Polish Mini Set

Cost: $24.95


Book Cover, Try This at Home by Richard Blais

Book Cover, Try This at Home by Richard Blais

What: Try This at Home, cookbook by Richard Blais

Cost: $23.02


Pizza Lights courtesy of Urban Outfitter Instagram

Pizza Lights courtesy of Urban Outfitter Instagram

What: Urban Outfitters Pizza Lights

Cost: $24.00


Of a Kind 2014 Calendar Cover

Of a Kind 2014 Calendar Cover

What: Of a Kind 2014 Wall Calendar

Cost: $25.00