Paper and Pen and Presence

Happy New Year!

The end of one year and beginning of another is my favorite time. It’s a time for reflection and celebration. A time for honoring what once was and embracing what is to come. And, it’s a time when I feel ever-present in what this moment is right now.

As most of you know who have followed my journey, my first five years out of college were filled with a series of big transitions – moves across the country to new cities, numerous career changes, getting engaged and married. My life was in constant flux, and I rarely felt grounded in anything. Yet during those years, I made some big decisions for myself as a writer. I launched this blog, I began freelancing, and I started putting myself and my writing out into the world in a way I’d never done before.

In 2017, all the pieces of my life felt like they fell into place for the first time since I left my home state of Georgia back in 2011. I established a home with my husband in New York City and finally had the time and energy to focus on refining my business. I bid farewell to ARTicles of Clothing and debuted Grey Ghost – the first step toward developing my business in the direction I’m most passionate about and claiming my identity not only as a writer but also as an entrepreneur. Yes, re-branding my business and unveiling Grey Ghost was a big step, but it was just the first one.

After taking my content marketing business to the next level, it was time for step two: re-focusing my time and energy on my creative writing and my goal of publishing a book of fiction.

My fellow writers and artists know you have to commit wholeheartedly to a routine to compose a body of work. It requires unwavering dedication and undisturbed concentration. It requires writing each and every day. It requires making space, physically and mentally. So, I spent a month time-tracking and getting really honest about how I used each moment of my week personally and professionally. And, the number one, nonessential thing that drained my physical and mental energy every day was social media.

Some of you may have noticed I’ve been more quiet than usual on social media for the past couple months. That’s because I decided to do a test-run of limiting my time on social media to once a week.

So, while I dedicate 2018 to beginning to write my book, I’ll be taking my writing offline, taking a hiatus from this blog, and continuing to log in to social media only once a week.

If you’d like to get in touch, reach out via email – I look forward to staying connected with you!


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