Lost and Found


Love yourself open,
like outstretched arms
waiting to embrace.

Catch love
like a syndrome
you can’t shake.

Change the course
of your life
with two lanes.

Lose yourself
in love. Sometimes
wonder where you went.

Find yourself
in outstretched arms
waiting to embrace.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Writing Process

The piece of writing I wanted to share this week isn’t technically from 2017 or even the past year, but it’s a piece that feels very relevant. On October 1st, my husband and I are celebrating our one-year wedding anniversary. Last year, we had an extremely intimate and private ceremony in upstate New York, near where we’d gotten engaged the year prior. As a gift to our wedding guests, I composed and printed a book of eight love poems, one from each of the years we’d been together. Lost and Found is the final poem in the book. The last two stanzas really take me back to the place and time when I wrote this poem in 2016. I think almost any person who’s about to embark in a new relationship or marriage has fears of losing themself. But, when you’ve chosen to love someone and build a life with them, you come to realize that right there, with them, is where you go to find yourself.

Putting together this book was a big step for me as a writer for a number of reasons. First, it required me to revisit writing dating back to 2009 with more perspective and an objective eye. I had to be my own editor and decide whether to leave the words of my 21, 22, 20-something year old self intact or make changes. It also pushed me to put myself out there in a pretty vulnerable way. Until I started publishing some of my creative writing on this blog (just last week!), I’ve only ever shared my creative writing with professors and fellow classmates back in college and a very select few people since then. So, sharing some of my most intimate poems about my relationship with our wedding guests was a huge feat. Finally, even though I didn’t technically publish a book, it was the first time I’d seen my writing in print – in something tangible I could hold – and that was pretty exciting for someone who’s dreamed of (and is still dreaming of) publishing a book some day.


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