The Next Chapter

This is where it all started. Before I left my job and committed my life and career to my true passion and calling, I launched this blog. It was the first step toward reclaiming my identity as a writer.

As my business grew, my attention here dwindled. For the past three years, I put my clients first. And last fall, I stopped writing on this blog entirely.

My first five years out of college were filled with a series of big transitions – moves across the country to new cities, numerous career changes, getting engaged and married. My life was in constant flux, and I rarely felt grounded in anything.

This year is the first time since I left my home state of Georgia back in 2011 that I finally feel like I’ve planted my roots. I’ve established a home in New York City, and I’ve focused my time and energy on refining my business.

Today, I’m bidding farewell to ARTicles of Clothing and launching my new brand, Grey Ghost. Now that I’ve taken my content marketing business to the next level, it’s time to return to this important place where my journey as a professional writer began.

I’m passionate about my work as a content marketer. I love connecting with people, becoming immersed in their businesses and their industries, and showing them how to use language to create a voice for their brands and to build lasting connections in the digital space.

But in my heart, I’m a creative writer, a poet, and a storyteller. My ultimate desire is to publish a book of fiction, to be an author, to share my words, my creative potential, my narrative.

My new focus is on the next chapter of this blog and moving towards that goal, starting with a collection of what I’ve been writing over the past year.

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