A Meditation on Motherhood

To the creators of life, Happy Mother’s Day

We all have an inherent desire to create. In some facet of our lives, we feel called to give part of ourselves in order to produce something new and form something that will continue to live on long after we’re gone. For women in particular, I believe this desire can be especially powerful. Our bodies were actually designed to create. As Mother’s Day draws near, this ability to produce the ultimate creation, a human life, has been on my mind.


Photo by Angie Webb

I’ve long passed the age my mother was when she had me, the same age my grandmother was when she had my mom. I’ve watched many girls from my middle school, high school, and college days become mothers. And this month, my first close friend to have a baby will give birth. The reality is, motherhood could likely be a part of my life in the next several years.


Photo by Angie Webb

I imagine motherhood to be an absolutely terrifying yet completely exhilarating experience. As I’ve watched my close friend in her pregnancy, she’s exuded a fantastic sense of peace and a calm confidence. It has made me realize that the body and mind’s innate response to pregnancy and motherhood may be much more powerful than I can fathom until I actually share in that experience myself.


Photo by Angie Webb

As we head into Mother’s Day weekend and this topic of motherhood continues to hang in the back of my mind, I feel called to connect to that inner creator that’s deeply rooted within us all. It feels impossible for me to imagine producing the ultimate creation, the creation of another life, but for now, I can harness the spirit of that creator in the small things I create until then. This Mother’s Day, I encourage you to take time to connect with the creator in you and honor the creator who gave you life.

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