Creative Habit: Build Your Creative Muscle

Sometimes our best creative ideas come from a spark of inspiration. Something ignites a creative fire within us, and we have to capture it right then and there. We run to our nearest notebook, we pick up a camera or a canvas, or we rush to record a voice memo. Sometimes, creativity flows from us, so much so we can barely contain it. But most of the time, this is not how creativity works.

Whether in our jobs or in our personal creative endeavors, we’re often called upon to be creative. We have to write creative content for a product description, design a captivating visual for a marketing campaign, or compose engaging talking points for a conference. In these moments, we not only have to be creative on the spot but also have to draw creative inspiration from an external source instead of from within ourselves. This is when we must have our creative muscle fueled and ready to work, and this is why making a habit of being creative is so imperative.

Twyla Tharp Quote 2016

When we’re required to be creative, our imaginative juices often seize up or become stifled. It’s tough to do any work under pressure, let alone be creative under pressure. If you make a habit of being creative and consistently tap into your creativity, you’re helping to develop your creative muscle so it can be equipped to perform on command.

Next time you’re called to be creative, turn to the creative habit you’ve established and flex your creative muscle. Move your body, whether you’re just getting up from your desk, stretching, and going on a short walk or whether you’re taking a yoga or spin class. Simply change your surroundings without intensive movement. Go to a museum to soak in other creative works, draw in an adult coloring book, listen to one of your favorite playlists, or read a book by one of your favorite authors. Talk to others and observe their language, mannerisms, and quirks. Most importantly, have faith in the power of your creative muscle and its ability to perform.

If you simply wait for creativity to happen – for that creative spark or lightning bolt or trigger – you’re missing out on a lot of creative opportunities. Creativity is always available to you. The more you use your creative muscle, the stronger it becomes.

Need more help building your creative muscle? Explore the entire AOC Blog Creative Habit Series or tweet me using the hashtag #AOCBlogCreative Habit.

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