Creative Habit: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

As much as I’m artistic and right-brained, I’m equally logical and left-brained. I’ve spent much of my life mediating a war between the creative and the control freak within me. Common sense has talked me out of numerous leaps of faith. Any friend or family member would probably say I’m one of the most cautious and least impulsive people they know. Yet when it comes to written language, from poetry to the writing on this blog, the right side almost always wins. The world may not always be my playground, but words most definitely are.

Ultimately, when I find a balance between the two sides, I feel it’s a pretty spectacular combination. I possess a little more restraint than the super-artistic and a little more imagination than the ultra-rational. As a creative entrepreneur, the blend of right and left brain usually works to my advantage. But, when it comes to just wearing one hat, namely my creative hat, I’ve rarely been able to completely silence the judgmental murmur from the other side. A part of me has always longed for that reckless abandonment that so many creatives possess.

Comfort Zone


This year I’ve somewhat unintentionally started to break down these left-brained barriers. I let spontaneity in before logic had a chance to shoot it down. I made same-day plans with a friend, something many people do on the regular but something I’d sworn off since high school. I bought a plane ticket less than 24-hours before the flight departed, and the only downside was that I flew Southwest, missed the 24-hour check-in, and got assigned to group B, number 17. I invested in a DSLR two days before my first NYFW, and instead of letting the beast of a camera intimidate me into submission, I strapped the sucker on and took my first amateur photos from the second row of a runway.

I know plenty of people who consistently make last minute plans, take unplanned trips, and make big purchases on a whim, but I am none of those people. To me, these recent happenings were genuine feats, and in doing them, I finally got to experience that rush in throwing caution to the wind. I truly feel and believe I’m evolving into a better creative person because of it.

So for this month’s AOC Blog Creative Habit Challenge, do something that makes you scared or uncomfortable. Conquer your own fears, push your own boundaries, and get out of your comfort zone. We’re all different, so remember that your exploit may seem easy or commonplace to someone else. As always, I love to see you share your experience using the hashtag #AOCBlogCreativeHabit. For more creative challenges, check out the full series.


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