Creative Habit: Make Time

For the past five months, I’ve given you a variety of ways to make a habit of being creative – spending more time enjoying your natural surroundings, working with your hands, coloring, writing, and reading. When you take a moment to think about it, there’s no shortage of activities to get your creative juices flowing. What I’ve realized in taking my own creative challenges is that I’ve neglected the number one reason that inhibits us from accessing our creative selves: time. As a whole, we don’t make enough time for creativity.

Making time for creativity always seems to fall to the bottom of our never-ending to-do lists.  I think it comes down to the age old battle between subjectivity and objectivity. Measurable tasks inevitably take top priority in our schedules: a project with a deadline, a launch that’s crucial to achieving a monthly goal, a deliverable owed to a client. Creative tasks are often more challenging to measure – with creativity there’s not necessarily an end goal or even end product. You’re rarely getting pressured or paid to be creative. Creativity doesn’t have a particular due date. You may be starting to wonder why should make time for creativity in the first place!

Make Time for Creativity 2016

Indulging in your own creativity may be just that – a luxury, like ordering a decadent dessert. Maybe you just simply enjoy the times when you get to be creative, and you deserve to make time for the things you enjoy! On the other hand, getting creative can be more than a leisure activity. Creativity can be an asset to your livelihood, your relationships, and your life. Opening your mind to creative thinking can help you to solve problems and spark ideas, and it allows you to open yourself to new possibilities. Earlier in this series, I discussed how judgement is the enemy of creativity, and judgement goes hand in hand with the objective tasks that rule our lives. We are constantly critiqued, and making time to tap into creativity allows us a reprieve from judgement by others and, more importantly, ourselves.

Before we embark on another Creative Habit Challenge, we need to vow to ourselves and to each other to make time for creativity each month this year. Will you close out each month with a creative ritual? Will you set aside a Saturday just for creativity? I want you to share how you’re going to make time for creativity – head to Twitter or open your Instagram app, use the hashtag #AOCBlogCreativeHabit or #MakeTimeforCreativity, feel free to share the graphic featured in this post, and tell me how you’re going to make time for creativity each month in 2016!

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