AKA New York Sweater

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By the time I was a senior in college, I’d mastered the system. I’d gone from scheduling classes five days a week, to three days a week, to finally just two days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays. It was a typical Wednesday morning: my boyfriend had slept over, and I was slowly waking up as he headed off to class. I’d planned to hang around the apartment most of the day, so he left a few of his things to be picked up later.

I finally got out of bed, grabbed my laptop, and checked my email.

Message From: Blonde Boutique

Subject: Store Closing Sale – All Must Go! Up to 90% Off

My heart sank for a moment, then, almost involuntarily, I began darting around my room, putting on whatever clothes I could find, tossing my hair up in a twist, and throwing my makeup bag into my purse as I rushed out to my car. As I closed the door to my apartment, I remembered my boyfriend – his things were in my room and he didn’t have a key.

New Message: Josh


Blonde closing. Up to 90% off. Had to leave apartment immediately. Your stuff is locked inside. Don’t hate me.

The two-mile drive between my apartment and the boutique was a blur. What was probably five minutes felt like five hours – I couldn’t get there fast enough. I flew into the first parking spot I could find and rushed to the door.

I was thankful to find the store hadn’t been completely scavenged. I bee lined to the owner, Brandy, who confirmed what I already suspected about the boutique closing. Brandy was expecting her first child, and she couldn’t find a worthy successor to carry on the Blonde* name. After a quick hug and conversation, I circled the store grabbing anything and everything in my size, including this AKA New York sweater.

I may have worn this sweater every day for the rest of the semester. It’s the perfect weight for temperate Georgia weather, it’s as soft and comfortable as a sweatshirt, and it makes any outfit instantly fashionable and flawless.

Six years and two cities later, I’m still avidly sporting my AKA New York sweater. In fact, three days after moving to New York City and living solely in sweats while unpacking our Upper East Side apartment, I wore my AKA New York sweater on our first night out in the city.


*During its two short years in Athens, Blonde reigned supreme among the countless boutiques. In addition to my AKA New York Sweater, I still have numerous items purchased from Blonde, including pieces by Adam by Adam Lippes, Diane von Furstenberg, Dolce Vita, Lauren Moffatt (R.I.P.), Rory Beca, Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent, Velvet, and more. Unlike so many other stores, Blonde offered brands and styles that prove timeless and last not just seasons but years to come. 

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