Beauty Tips for Spring + Wedding Season

For three long months we’ve been buried in snow and tortured by brutal winds and harsh temperatures. We’ve covered every inch of our skin with bulky coats, hats, and scarves. Our beauty regimens have gotten bleak and turned into a constant battle with dry skin and cracked lips. Today, everything changes. It’s the first day of spring!

Although many of us are not experiencing glorious, balmy weather on this first day of spring, we’re starting to get a taste of the warmer days to come. Temperatures are slowly but surely beginning to rise, days are getting longer and brighter, and we’re finally able to start shedding those winter layers. Soon, we’ll be enjoying a little sun on our skin and color in our cheeks. Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal, reviving your warm-weather wardrobe, and refreshing your beauty regimen.


Years before I moved to New York City, the NYC-based Elvis Duran Morning Show became part of my morning routine thanks to iHeartRadio. Every day, while styling my hair and applying my makeup, the morning show provides my soundtrack. One of their partnerships is with one of my favorite beauty brands, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Founder Bobbi Brown herself joins the Elvis Duran crew regularly to discuss the latest beauty tips and trends and field questions from listeners. Yesterday, she visited the show to share her best beauty tips for spring and for wedding season.


1. Check In with Your Foundation

No matter what your natural skin tone, everyone is paler in the winter. As warmer weather approaches, we start regaining our natural color. Don’t forget to check in with your foundation, and get a new shade for spring and summer.

2. Warm Up Your Cheeks

blush and brighten

MY PICKS: Bobbi Brown Powder Blush and Brightening Finishing Powder

The quickest and easiest way to give yourself that spring glow is to warm up your cheeks with a little color. Instead of contouring, Bobbi suggests layering a soft, rosy blush with a light, bright hue right on the cheek bone to enhance the shape of your face.

3. Trend Alert: Nude Face, Bright Lip

Bobbi reminded us of the SS15 runway trend: nude face, bright lip. For years the focus seemed to be on bold eyes, but this spring the bright lip reigns supreme. Keep your face, cheeks, and eyes soft, simple, and neutral, then top off the look with an eye-catching lip.


1. Do a Test Run

Whether you’re having your makeup done professionally or doing it yourself, be sure to do a test run. Have someone take a picture so you can make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your look. Need help? Check out Bobbi’s makeup lessons.

2. Make Sure It’s Long-Wearing

long wear 1

Your makeup needs to last from the ceremony to pictures all the way to the reception. The key to having a bright, fresh face the whole way through is ensuring your makeup is long-wearing.

3. Keep Your Face Nude and Natural

While you want bold makeup for photos, you also want to ensure you look like your natural, beautiful self, particularly if you’re a girl who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup on a normal day.

4. Focus on Your Eyes (and don’t forget the waterproof mascara!)

They say eyes are the window to the soul, and on your wedding day, you want yours to be glowing with love and happiness. Of course, don’t forget the waterproof mascara – it’s a must!

5. Choose a Lip Color You Love

lips 1

MY PICK: Bobbi Brown Original Lip Color

Lip color is so personal based on your skin tone, personal preferences, and, in this case, the color palette of your wedding. Choose a lip color you love, and you can’t go wrong.

6. Disregard Any Beauty Trends – Go for a Classic, Timeless Look You’ll Love for Years to Come

There are so many beauty trends out there that we’re all dying to try. Don’t choose your wedding day to test them out. Go for a classic, timeless look you’ll love for years to come. Save the trends for your bachelorette celebration!


Now through Sunday, March 22, get a $25 gift card when you spend $100 or more. Plus, Bobbi Brown always offers FREE shipping on orders over $65, FREE samples with every order, and FREE returns on all foundations, correctors, concealers, and powders to ensure you get the perfect match.

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