Ferragamo Pumps

When I get married, my Ferragamo pumps will be my “something blue.” No, I’m not here to start “the dress” debate again – these shoes are in fact cream and gold, not blue and black. However, scribbled in blue Sharpie on the sole of each shoe is the number 150 (my “something blue”).


I purchased these Ferragamo pumps for $150 in Madison, Wisconsin at Bop* about a year ago. Bop is the brick and mortar store that gave birth to the online retail giant Shopbop. Countless articles of clothing used in Shopbop photo shoots or returned to Shopbop for flaws and defects eventually made their way to Bop and went into the deeply discounted damages bin. As if this treasure trove weren’t enough, Bop held a legendary sale twice annually with items up to 90% off, the Maxwell Street Sale.

The morning of my first Maxwell I arrived early, but there was already a line of about twenty girls on the sidewalk in front of the store. If you’ve ever been to Madison in the winter (below zero temperatures, high winds, and mounds of snow), you understand the dedication required to stand outside for more than ten minutes. When the doors finally opened, a select number of patrons were let in and the frenzy began. I’m all for a good deal, but normally retail chaos is not my scene. However, on this particular February morning, I was reeling off the energy and enjoyed the ride.

It goes without saying these Ferragamo pumps were by far my biggest steal of the day given that they retail at a whopping $525. Yes, some may shutter at the fact these shoes have the purchase price plastered across the soles in bright blue, but I embrace my victory and my future “something blue.”


*Sadly, at the end of 2014, Bop closed its doors. While Shopbop will continue to live on in the World Wide Web, Bop’s departure from the local retail market marked the end of an era for the women of Madison, Wisconsin. R.I.P. BOP.

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