Of a Kind Edition Subtraction Recap

In New York City, real estate is a precious commodity. Tucked between drugstores and coffee shops, there are unmarked doors that lead to barren hallways. If you don’t know where you’re going, you could easily assume you’ve stumbled into an abandoned building, but in New York City, there are rarely vacancies.



Of a Kind, Suite 810

I walked toward the elevators, arrived on floor eight, and headed toward the hum of laughter and chatter. As I entered the Of a Kind headquarters, I bypassed the bag/coat check and bee lined straight for the studio.

Of a Kind Edition Subtraction March 2015_edited No Text

Like many small businesses based in NYC, Of a Kind’s offices are quietly nestled in an unassuming high-rise. The one-day event, Edition Subtraction the Sequel, gave loyal followers a rare opportunity to peek inside the walls of the carefully curated online boutique.

The studio was buzzing with conversation and friends contemplating their potential purchases. I started with a cocktail from the pop-up bar before mingling with the crowd. As I strolled through the rows of tables decorated with select editions up to 75% off, I tried on custom-designed rings and admired hand-knit wares. Ultimately, I landed at the $50 and under table and found myself fixated on a Smiley Cuff by NYC-based designer Anna Sheffield of Bing Bang. I admit, I was in need of some extra smiles in my closet.


Smiley Cuff Bing Bang_edited 3


I continued to contemplate the cuff as I took a few more laps around the space, grabbed another vodka-lemonade, and engaged in casual chitchat with other patrons. I struck up a conversation with Of a Kind co-founder Erica Cerulo, and we commiserated over the screen that separates us from our customers. I thanked her for creating an opportunity to put a face to a name.

The event was winding down, so I tossed my empty cocktail cup and made my purchase. I walked toward the elevators, knowing that Of a Kind would soon close its doors and return to being just another well-kept secret behind an unmarked door in New York City.

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