Best of the Union Square Holiday Market

One of my best friends from college came to visit me in NYC for my birthday last month, and while out for a little retail therapy, we stumbled upon a NYC tradition: the Union Square Holiday Market. It was one of the days where you let the city guide you, so we instantly found ourselves wandering through the market and winding in and out of the countless booths. In honor of my new home, today’s post is exclusively for my fellow New Yorkers: I’m sharing the best of the Union Square Holiday Market.

A C C E S S O R I E S :

Charm NYC

Charm NYC

Charm NYC was one of my top discoveries of the Union Square Holiday Market. These hats are impeccably made with high quality fabrics and superb craftsmanship.  With styles for women (left and center), men (right), and kids (not pictured) there’s truly something for everyone at Charm NYC.

A L L   A G E S :

NY Puzzle Company


Working a puzzle on Christmas day is a holiday tradition in my family. It’s the perfect way to bring everyone together, young and old. A great jigsaw is an amazing gift for anyone and everyone, even those people on your Christmas list who are most difficult to shop for.

B E A U T Y :

Lotus Skin Care

Lotus Skincare Vivo

Don’t be deterred by Lotus Skin Care’s hands-on (pun intended) approach to beauty. There’s a reason they set up water basins at their booth to demo their products: because they want to show you how they work and how amazing they are. Our skin truly takes a beating in the winter season. I approached the Lotus Skin Care booth complaining of my incredibly dry hands, so they gave me the demo. I walked away without purchasing, and as I enjoyed the rest of the market, I noticed how hydrated my hands felt. It goes without saying I made my way back to purchase some products for myself and for gifts!

D E C O R :

Pop Chart Lab

Pop Chart Lab

When I first moved in with my man, I declared posters were the first thing that had to go. Then I discovered Pop Chart Lab, a company that makes posters for adults. My personal favorite are the alcohol-themed posters that are perfect to hang above the bar cart.  These make a great gift for the men on your Christmas list!

E D I B L E S :

Spices and Tease

Spices and Tease

A gift box from Spices and Tease is another awesome gift idea for those people on your Christmas list who have everything. They have a number of gift box options to fit your budget, and each and every one is customizable for any palate with a combination of dried spices and loose teas.

H O M E :

Dr. Softskin

Dr Softskin

No, this is not just another candle. As you may have guessed by its name, Dr. Softskin incorporates skincare into all its products, even this candle. Instead of being made of wax, their candles are made of oil, and once you light and start burning, you can dip a finger right in and moisturize your hands, elbows, or other dry areas with the hydrating oil. A unique gift option for a hostess gift or stocking stuffer!

J E W E L R Y :

We See Stars

We See Stars

There are so many amazing NYC-based jewelry brands, it was hard to chose just one to showcase, but I had to highlight We See Stars for their combination of beautiful quality and affordable prices. If you’re stumped for a full-proof gift for the ladies on your Christmas list, you can never go wrong with jewelry.

K I T C H E N :

NY Cruets


NY Cruets are the ideal gift for the cooks on your Christmas list. These stunning hand-blown oil and vinegar dispensers are decorative and functional. If you need a gift for your mom, dad, or in-laws, look no further than NY Cruets.

S E A S O N A L :

No Chewing Allowed

No Chewing Allowed

Everyone loves hot chocolate during the winter months, particularly the holidays. No Chewing Allowed doesn’t just make delectable chocolates that literally melt in your mouth, they make a pretty kick ass hot chocolate, which is an awesome option for a gift swap or stocking stuffer.

T E C H :



Last but not least, Remodo! Remodo is known for is amazing boxed rooms, which are perfect for college students, young adults, new homeowners, kids, vacation homes, and more. BUT if you’re looking for a smaller gift from Remodo, this portable phone charger is sure to please! These battery packs hold a full charge and are compatible with any phone that uses a USB. Simply plug in your phone cord and get charging. And, of course, they’re decorated with classic and cute Remodo designs. This is the perfect gift for those who travel frequently for work or play!

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