Month of Movement

October is the Month of Movement on ARTicles of Clothing blog.

To kick things off, I’ve got an exciting announcement: we’re moving to New York City!

Just over three years ago, my man and I left our college town of Athens, GA and moved to Madison, WI. Now, our journey continues to NYC.

Moving to NYC Graphic

Moving from the Southeast to the Midwest has taught me so much about the different cultures within the United States. Exploring a new place through its fashion community has been particularly eyeopening. In case you missed it, you can read a more in depth account of my Midwestern fashion journey in this post.

I can’t wait to share a new perspective of yet another region, and I’m thrilled for the opportunities this move will provide for my career as a freelance writer and stylist and for AOC blog.

Please continue to follow along on this journey with us through AOC blog and social media!

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