Transitional Fall Fashion – Part I


A new season means looking at your wardrobe in a new way. This is particularly important during the fall and spring because they’re transitional seasons. No matter where you live, fall weather can be unpredictable. One day it feels like summer, and the next day it feels like winter. Sometimes, the change in temperature can even vary within the span of a day.  You head out in the morning, and there’s a crisp chill in the air. Then, by the afternoon, the sun has warmed things up.

So, today I’m launching a four-part series showcasing transitional fall fashion. A couple weeks ago, I partnered with Encore boutique to style transitional fall outfits. If you live in the Athens, GA area, you can visit Encore to purchase every piece featured in this series. Don’t live near Athens? Don’t worry! You can call Encore directly to order a particular item or you can simply use these looks as inspiration for your fall wardrobe.

Remember: a new season does not mean you have to buy a completely new wardrobe to be on trend. Many of the pieces that will be featured in this series are staples you already have in your closet that can be enhanced by a few key purchases. 


Mercedes Bleth photographed by Logan Potterf

Layers are key during transitional seasons. The easiest way to stay cute and comfortable from day to night during unpredictable fall weather is to bring a jacket! 


The first transitional fall outfit showcasing pieces from Encore features two wardrobe staples: a basic neutral dress and a structured moto jacket.


I paired these pieces with one of my must-have items for fall 2014: the chic sneaker.


Footwear can be a challenge when transitioning from summer to fall. You’re ready to trade in your summer sandals but aren’t quite ready for boots. The chic sneaker is the solution!



Dress: Tart Collections

Jacket: Michael Stars

Sneakers: Bronx

Mercedes Bleth photographed by Logan Potterf


    • Cait Marie

      Thanks, Lauren! I’m so obsessed with chic sneakers this season. Be sure to check back for the other posts in the Transitional Fall Fashion series featuring more cute and comfy looks!


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