Fall Style Guide

Most of you know my Midwestern fashion journey has been a long and rocky road. There’s no denying I’ve struggled with the transition between the South and Midwest, between the metropolis of Atlanta to the quaint town of Madison. It wasn’t until this year that I finally chiseled away that unfamiliar exterior and found some of my people – fashion people.


I met Pamela Wilson (the owner and originator of the designer women’s fashion destination in Madison, Wisconsin) at a panel hosted by the Madison Fashion Network. Shortly after, I paid a visit to her boutique, Iona, and for the first time in Madison, I felt like I was home.

If you’re looking for a piece of the big city in Madison, look no further than Iona. Iona is a carefully edited boutique featuring both established and emerging designers. It’s the type of boutique one would find in New York City, Los Angeles, or my hometown, Atlanta. With Iona, Pamela is elevating the fashion in Madison to a whole new level.


As part of the celebration of Iona’s one year anniversary, Pamela hosted an exclusive fall style guide event. Once again, proof of the innovative approach Pamela is bringing to the Madison fashion scene. Drawing on fall 2014 runway inspiration, trends set for the season, and an autumn color palette, Pamela composed a comprehensive fall style guide that aims to make fashion accessible to everyone.

I’ve complied a couple of the highlights from the event and am excited to share them with you here!

We discussed several looks from the fall 2014 runway and some of the top trends for the season. Then, we explored how to attain the looks and trends with pieces found at Iona.


color and print 2


leather black and white 3


layering knits 2

 The most insightful portion of the presentation was exploring color stories and exemplifying how to create them. The notion of taking a set of colors, walking into your closet, and pairing pieces of your wardrobe based on complementary color schemes seems so simple, yet I had never thought of composing an outfit in this way.

bordeaux 3

All of the pieces illustrated in the color stories can be purchased at Iona…

green 5


red 3

…viewed on Iona’s site and purchased via phone.

For more on Iona, follow along with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


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