Keep Blogging Weird

I normally try not to spread negativity, but today was just one of those incredibly frustrating days on the grind. Midday, I felt so lethargic and dejected I had to just step away from my work and take a me moment. It was then I complied the images for this inspiration board, which I’ve titled Keep Blogging Weird.

All images are courtesy of Pinterest. Follow along with me.

All images are courtesy of Pinterest. Follow along with me.

In these instances, I typically find myself looking for creative inspiration. Whether it be in my work as a freelancer, in my hobbies, or right here on this blog, creativity is what drives me and motivates me to press onward. I discovered this about myself after learning to tune into my mind and body and truly listen.

I’ve talked about the cyclical relationship between feeling good and looking good in previous posts. Most of the time this blog is devoted to discussing looking good, but today brought back to the importance of feeling good. To make a bold, blanket statement: life is hard! It’s very easy to not feel good. This is why it is imperative for us to listen to ourselves, be mindful, and check in to our bodies. They’re telling us something! And today, mine was telling me to take a moment to help myself feel good. After my short me moment and some lunch, I had a positive meeting with a client and a productive phone date with my bff bride to be for whom I’m maid of honor. All it took was listening to myself and doing what my body needed to turn my day around. When was the last time you tuned in to your mind and body and listened?

Here’s a FEEL GOOD, LOOK GOOD challenge: stop and take a moment each day to practice listening to yourself. For an even bigger challenge, act upon what you crave in that instant – maybe all you need is a me moment. Once you feel better, you’ll look better too!

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