Celebrating The Row and Other Olsenisms

There is one thing you should know about me: my first and favorite style icons are Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. I have idolized these girls and their fashion for over twenty years. To me, the Olsen twins can do no wrong when it comes to their aesthetic, their business sense, their social presence, their professional accomplishments… pretty much anything. So, it is with great joy that I share the next step in their empire: The Row’s flagship store opened in Los Angeles. This announcement inspired me to create a post celebrating The Row and Other Olsenisms. Since these ladies have a body of work that spans over half a century, it’s safe to say this post will just brush the surface and be one of many posts dedicated to the duo.

T H E    R O W

Image courtesy of Women's Wear Daily

Image courtesy of Women’s Wear Daily

First, let me give the new details on The Row and the grand opening of its first store. The Row was founded eight years ago by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen as their first luxury line of ready to wear, eye wear, and handbags. The brand has a relaxed and elegant aesthetic with an emphasis on fabrics and fit. Part of The Row’s mission is to support high-end fashion manufacturing in the United States. The flagship store opened its doors in an unsuspecting portion of Melrose Place. In typical Olsen fashion, the location isn’t visible from the street, and here’s a fun fact from Women’s Wear Daily: the space was home to the hair salon that they frequented when they kids. This illustrates one of many things I admire about the Olsen twins. It seems they were very aware, observant, and career-minded from a young age – something that isn’t cultivated enough! The Olsens have also indicated that this is just the beginning for their clothing lines (yes, clothing lines, plural – we can expect more from Elizabeth and James too!), but the twins will definitely continue to work mindfully and methodically. “We’ve always been one T-shirt at a time, one hire at a time.” – Ashley Olsen

O T H E R    O L S E N I S M S

For the other Olsen-devotees out there like myself here are three Olsenisms for you!


olsen beauty

I know, I know. Not another Olsen beauty tutorial! I’ve read a lot (I mean A LOT) of Olsen beauty how-to’s over the years. I distinctly remember an article from Girl’s Life magazine (well over ten years ago) featuring the twins with beachy, tousled tresses using salt spray (NOTE: always way ahead of the trends). I insisted my mom make a hair appointment for me and took the magazine to my hair dresser saying, I want THAT! One of the best I’ve read as of late is The Coveteur’s interview with Olsen stylist Mark Townsend. Read here.


Image Courtesy of the Nylon Magazine shop

Image Courtesy of the Nylon Magazine shop

I’m OBSESSED with this I Wish I Was an Olsen Tee in the Nylon Magazine Shop. Let’s all buy one and wear it proud.


mk a pinterest

I have a Pinterest board devoted entirely to my beloved MK + A. Enough said.

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