Top 5 Fashion Magazines


Pool and beach weather is so close we can taste it. For some of you who are teachers or in school, you might be gearing up for spring break. Magazines are perfect for poolside reading, and they’re ultra beach-friendly too. Before you head to the store and blow $20 on magazines that ultimately underwhelm, take some advice from a self-proclaimed magazine junkie.


Print may be a declining industry, but I’m still a magazine connoisseur. Call me old school, but there’s just something about turning those pages or tearing them out to add them to my IRL Pinterest board a la Shoshanna’s manifestation board in HBO’s Girls, Season 1. I also can’t resist a magazine with a captivating cover and seem to have developed a bad habit of keeping the ones I can’t part with and stacking them in piles so high they turn into makeshift end tables. Maybe I’ll single handedly keep the magazine industry alive with my obsession, or I could attempt to rope others into my strange addiction. So, I come to you today to try to get you on board the magazine train by sharing my top 5 fashion magazines.

caitlyn_blog291 cropped

You may think I’m going to feature typical fashion magazines: Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Lucky. I do buy conventional fashion magazines from time to time if there’s a particular cover story that catches my eye or there’s an interesting feature I want to read, but for the most part I head for the other fashion magazines. If you’re typically not the biggest fan of fashion magazines, maybe the mainstream ones aren’t for you, and you should give some of these others a try. It might just renew your love for fashion magazines!


What I’m Wearing:

Dress: Rebecca Taylor
Bangle: Dannijo
Rings: Vintage and Gorjana
Bracelet: By Boe
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman
Makeup: Bobbi Brown, Lancome, and Marc Jacobs
Hair: Bumble & Bumble and Moroccan Oil
Nails: Gelish

Photographed by Angie Webb of Suburbanite Photography

5. InStyle


InStyle is my favorite popular fashion magazine. It has a little something for everyone with attainable looks for the every-girl and some high end pieces for the serious fashionistas. InStyle also has a nice variety of articles in addition to the fashion-focused ones from in-depth celebrity features to home, beauty, and health. I may be partial because I’m a huge Diane Von Furstenberg fan, but my favorite monthly column in the magazine is DVF’s “Ask a Designer.”

4. Allure


I rekindled my love for Allure last year. I couldn’t resist the December 2013 issue featuring Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen on the covers. Allure is arguably more of a beauty magazine than a fashion magazine, but let’s face it (no pun intended), beauty is a big part of fashion, and there are still true fashion elements woven in. The magazine is best know for its “Best of Beauty” awards each October. We all know beauty products are a necessary evil, and we all know how expensive they can be, so this is a great go-to magazine for the best beauty hacks.

3. Nylon


Nylon is one of the more mainstream of the indie fashion magazines. Because the magazine is relatively new by comparison to other longstanding fashion magazines, it’s a bit more youthful and cutting edge. In addition to fashion, Nylon also focuses on pop culture, design, technology, music, and the hottest up and coming stars. Nylon also spans beyond the pages of the magazine. They have their own online shop, which is filled with tons of unique and quirky clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty products, and home goods.

2. Eide


I may be partial to Eide because it hails from my hometown in the south – ATL represent! However, this national magazine takes a highly artistic approach to life and style. One of the cornerstones of the magazine is creating a cohesive narrative in each seasonal issue. Eide also places a heavy focus on aesthetics. Because the magazine only produces four issues per year, it’s essential that Eide carefully curates each issue with rich content and extreme attention to detail. Like Nylon, Eide also extends beyond the pages of the magazine with an online shop.

1. W Magazine

w mag

My all time favorite fashion publication is W Magazine. To me, each issue is a work of art, which is why I can’t bear to throw away a single copy I purchase. W is arguably a high fashion magazine, therefore most of its content is highly unattainable for every-girls like me. However, I just can’t tear my eyes away from the stunning photographs and carefully composed features. I draw tons of creative inspiration from this magazine. Whether you’re a photographer, illustrator, makeup artist, hairdresser, stylist, or just a die-hard fashionista, your creative juices will start flowing like crazy as you turn each page. If you truly have a fascination with the fashion industry, W is the magazine for you.


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