3 Fashion News Stories You Need to Know

1. UPDATE on a Current Collaboration

Image courtesy of Ann Taylor via the Huffington Post

Image courtesy of Ann Taylor via the Huffington Post

Kate Hudson + Ann Taylor = a partnership made in heaven. We know the stunning actress has worked with the leading women’s wear brand from being the face of their campaigns to showcasing her picks in the form of a look book on their site. Now, the collaboration continues with some exciting news. Kate Hudson and Ann Taylor will be launching a capsule collection of the ultimate lady’s essential: the little black dress. The line is set to launch in a few weeks and will consist of five unique styles of LBDs. So, mark down Thursday, April 10 on your calendar! Whether you’re more of a Romantic, looking to be Camera Ready, or hope to one day be Best Actress, one of these aptly named styles will work for you!

2. 10 Years of Cool Girl Jewelry


Image courtesy of Catbird

Several years ago my cool-jewelry-friend (come on, don’t we all have one of those?) introduced me to a unique brand: Catbird. Catbird is a Brooklyn based brand that began in 2004 with a carefully curated collection of jewelry from basics with a twist to one of a kind pieces. Now, ten years later, the brand has grown in more ways than one. Catbird has grown in popularity and nearly outgrown its somewhat modest studio in Williamsburg. They have also grown to carry a variety of uncommon goods from beauty to home to other accessories. The brand has undeniably reached a level of cool-dom, but in case you need another push to check them out (if you haven’t already), you can be sure to spot their gems on some of the coolest girls around, such as Michelle Williams, Liv Tyler, and Hannah and Jessa in Season 3 of HBO’s Girls.

3. The Newest E-Commerce Site to Launch

Image courtesy of Band of Outsiders

Image courtesy of Band of Outsiders

Los Angeles based brand Band of Outsiders has finally launched its much anticipated e-commerce site and brand new website design. Band of Outsiders was founded in 2004 with a menswear line. Then, in 2008, the label revealed a menswear-inspired women’s line. The brand boasts at having something for everyone by bringing together a quirky combination of hipster hemlines and preppy patterns. The e-commerce portion of the site comes with a complete revamp of their existing webpage. The overhaul keeps with the brand’s innovative and modern approach by featuring a unique display of feed from the brand’s social media platforms on the homepage. Looks like this could be the future of brand sites: a complete integration of e-commerce, social media, and everything else.

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