Black and White

You know those days where you go to your closet and think, I have nothing to wear? We’ve all had them. In my years of building a wardrobe I have come to realize there is one way to avoid the I-have-nothing-to-wear clothing dilemma for good. The answer is black and white. 




No matter what the occasion or season, you can never go wrong with a black and white look. Having strong black and white pieces in your wardrobe makes composing an outfit even on your worst I-have-nothing-to-wear day a lot more painless.

Consider the fundamental articles of clothing in your closet:

1. T-Shirt

2. Blouse

3. Blazer

4. Jeans

5. Skirt

6. Dress

Do you own each of these in black and white? The key to building a solid wardrobe is a strong foundation of basic pieces. If you own black and white options of these six essential items, you’re already on your way to a well-built wardrobe. If you still need to add some of these necessities to your closet, here’s some inspiration:

black and white

Think of these as your go-to garments whether you’re feeling fun, fancy, or frustrated. Black and white looks good on any mood, and in your busy life of balancing work and play, you can’t afford to spend hours composing outfits in your closet. So, the next time you find yourself saying, I have nothing to wear, go straight to your black and white basics and get going with the rest of your day!




What I’m Wearing:

Leather Jacket: Bernardo
Blouse: Equiptment
Jeans: AG
Shoes: Cole Haan
Bag: Hobo
Necklace: Dannijo
Earrings: Gifted
Ring: Dara Ettinger
Makeup: Bobbi Brown, Lancome, and Marc Jacobs
Hair: Bumble & Bumble and Moroccan Oil
Nails: Gelish

Photography by Angie Webb of Suburbanite Photography


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