City Hot Spot: New Orleans

If you’ve visited New Orleans during Mardi Gras, you know how crazy I was to think that I would be able to take a leisurely stroll Magazine Street and shop the local hot spots. However, there’s no denying the style and culture in NOLA. I’ll have to wait until my next visit to tell you the hot spot to shop in the Big Easy, but for now I’ll give you a crash course on how to dress like the natives next time you travel to the bayou.

First, I’ve got 3 tips to live by as you style yourself for the Big Easy:

1. Unless you’re visiting in the dead of summer, wear layers. On a sunny day, it’s warm and humid, but once the sun sets and the ocean breeze comes by, there’s a chill in the air!

2. Bring a small satchel, stylish backpack, or sizable cross body. You’ll definitely want a bag that’s roomy and easy to tote souvenirs, snacks, or drinks (remember – no open container laws here, so you can even pack a beer!).

3. Ladies, this is by far the most important style rule when visiting NOLA: WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES. New Orleans is a pedestrian town with lots of sites to see on foot. Don’t learn the hard way like I did! Wear. Comfortable. Shoes.

Now, I’ve got some style inspiration for your next New Orleans getaway. Think hipster meets 90’s grunge with a bohemian flair. The style in New Orleans incorporates a balance of vintage inspiration and modern accents, and of course, color is a huge part of the city and its culture.


P.S. Looking to plan your trip to NOLA ASAP? Love fashion (of course you do!)? New Orleans Fashion Week is this month! For more information, check out the site

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