3 Controversial Headlines

Hello and welcome back from a little Thanksgiving break. Let’s get right back into it with a bang by jumping into three controversial headlines.

Movement in the Modeling Industry

IMG official logo

IMG official logo

IMG Models is making a big statement in the movement to rethink the modeling industry. At the most recent fashion week, race and weight were topics of discussion as this year’s group of models took to the catwalk. Recently, IMG, one of the most esteemed international model management firms, discussed its aim to be a “ageless, raceless, and weightless agency.” This is another positive step in the industry to expand the image of beauty!

Clothing Donation

Image courtesy of Dress for Success

Image courtesy of Dress for Success

There are a lot of great reasons to donate clothing. It reduces the amount of unwanted clothing and textiles piling up in landfills, it can genuinely provide provide clothing for people in need, and hey, it’s a tax write off. Recently, Business of Fashion published an op-ed piece about the trouble with second-hand clothes. The piece brings awareness to the fact that a majority of donated clothing is shipped and sold outside the country in which the clothing was donated. The sale of this clothing is not only turning a lucrative profit but also competing with local textile markets in those areas. So, if you’re thinking about getting charitable this holiday season, do your research before donating. Look into a local organization that is transparent about exactly where their donations go – likely right back to those less fortunate in your area – or consider a national organization with a cause, like Dress for Success.

Pledge to Skip Black Friday

Everlane official logo

Everlane official logo

This Black Friday, the “radically transparent” clothing company Everlane declared a pledge to skip Black Friday. If you’re not familiar with the brand, Everlane is a California based retailer of men and women’s apparel and accessories that urges customers to, “Know Your Factories. Know Your Costs. Always Ask Why.” On the Friday following Thanksgiving, known to those who love a good deal (so much so they’re willing to fair the masses and forgo their sanity) as Black Friday, Everlane’s pledge caused quite a stir on social media. If you missed it, check out the pledge for yourself and read the comments. Regardless of your beliefs on the matter, join in on the dialog!

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