5 Ways to Never Pay Full Price for a Gift

Holiday Gifting Tips – Part III

5 Ways to Never Pay Full Price for a Gift

In Part I and Part II we started preparing for the season by 1. Making a list of everyone you will likely be buying a gift for this year, 2. Assigning a budget to each person on the list, and 3. Making better use of your time and energy by thinking of 1 gift for all (or most) of the people on your list. Now, you’ve got the list, you’ve got the budget, and you’ve gotten at least 1 gift for every person on your list. By this point, your friends and co-workers are taken care of, and you can return your focus to your family: your parents, your siblings, your in-laws, your man, and your kids.

Unless one of your family members has a very specific item on their wishlist, to the extent they have sent you a link to the exact product they want, you should never pay full price for a giftYou will be tempted by endless gift guides of this year’s hottest products for the techie, sports fanatic, foodie, dog lover in your life. Unless the heading says something reasonable like, “Best Gifts Under $50,” look away! It is so easy to get caught up in the latest and greatest of the season. Companies specifically release  the best, most improved versions of products during the holidays to create a frenzy. Fall collections launch just in time for the holidays. Everything is telling you that these will be the perfect gifts to make the best holiday season ever, but deals don’t disappear at this time of year. There are still plenty of sales and steals to find all those perfect gifts, and you don’t have to wait for Black Friday to find them.

This month, I’ve shared some options in my Deal of the Day for your man (or your dad, brother, father in law, son) and your girls (or your mom, sister, sister in law, daughter). I also featured my first detailed post about utilizing members only sites. Over the next month, I will continue to share some deals I discover, but I want to help you find your own by sharing my secrets on how I score my awesome deals.

1. Members Only Sites:

Members Only Apps

Members Only Apps

I can’t stress enough that these sites are invaluable. You could honestly do one-stop shopping from the comfort of your computer and check everything off your gift list on one of these sites. Now, they’re also offering extended returns for the holidays.

2. Lucky Birthdays:

birthday donut

Are you luck enough to have a birthday in November or December? Many sites ask for your birthday when you register, create an account, place an order, etc. These sites are likely to send you a birthday discount. Instead of buying yourself a birthday present, use the deal toward holiday gift purchases. I have a November birthday, and I have done this for the past several years. The satisfaction of saving money is gift enough for me!

3. Price Compare:

Price Compare Apps

Price Compare Apps

The internet is a beautiful tool to price compare. If you have a specific product in mind and have the brand and model, you can simply use a search engine, such as Google. However, if you’re looking for something more general – blouse, bedding, blazer, blender – I highly recommend using shopping aggregators. You may be familiar with such sites, like Amazon and eBay. However, my personal favorite is a site called Shopstyle. It is best know for its women’s fashion, but they also compile products for men, kids, and home. The key to these sites is the ability to filter by a number of categories. Here’s an example from Shopstyle: Women, Categories, Clothing, Jackets, Leather, Refine by Brand, Store, Price, Size, Color. This can take 6000+ products down to a manageable 100+ products.

4. Emailing Lists:

mailing list

My boyfriend badgers me all the time about my inundated email inbox that is primarily filled with emailing list subscriptions. Little does he know how much money I save through the deals in those emails. Typically, sites will give you an initial discount for signing up. Many people register to obtain this deal, then unsubscribe. However, if you continue to subscribe, you will continue to reap the benefits of other exclusive discounts. If you have a Gmail account, you now have these promotions conveniently organized in a folder labeled “Promotions.”

5. Social Media:

Social Media Apps

Social Media Apps

Are you following your favorite brands and stores on social media? Many companies give early access to sales or exclusive deals to their followers.

6. BONUS: Make it Yourself!

Whether you’re a DIY diva or novice, the holidays are the perfect time to delve in to DIY project to gift. Learn some projects to try in my Holiday Gifting Tips – Part IV!

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