Holiday Gifting Tips – Part II

Holiday Gifting Tips – Part II

Gifts of the Season

Time for Part II of my holiday gifting tips! In Part I, we got started with the season of giving by making a list of everyone you will likely be buying a gift for this year. This tip was focused on saving money (which is directly proportional to your holiday cheer). In tip number two, I’ll help you save money and time by choosing gifts of the season.

Spending hours scouring the internet and jetting in and out of every store at the mall are time consuming, exhausting, and panic inducing if you don’t find that perfect gift. Think back to your list from Part I. Say you have 10 family members, 5 friends, 3 co-workers, and 2 kids. You’ve got to buy a minimum of 20 different gifts this season (and probably more for your kids!). Make better use of your time and energy by thinking of 1 gift for all (or most) of you family members, 1 gift for all of your girlfriends, 1 gift for all your co-workers, and at least 1 gift for both of your kids. If you have a special someone who has a specific request on their wish list or if you already have a perfect gift in mind for a particular person, omit them from this practice. Still not clear on the idea? Let’s do an example:

1. Family (10)

$50 per person – 4 Family Members – Tervis set of 4, 16oz Tumblers = $44.00 per person


Tervis 16 oz Snowman Globe Tumbler, $11.00 each

$30 per person – 6 Family Members – Catstudio Dish Towel and Glass = $34.75 per person

Catstudio North Pole Glass, $, and North Pole Dish Towel, $

Catstudio North Pole Glass, $14.75, and North Pole Dish Towel, $20.00

2. Friends (5)

$30 per person – Socks and Scarf = $30.00 per person

photo (85)

P.S. See my Deal of the Day for Kate Spade Socks ($7.20) and a Michael Stars Scarf ($22.80) from the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale!

3. Work (3)

$30 for bossDesk Organizer = $24.00 for boss

dog desk

Urban Outfitters Dog Pencil Cup, $24.00

$15 per Co-Worker – Desk Toy = $14.99 per person


Container Store Cubot, $14.99

4. Kids (2)

$300 per childFestive Sheet Set = $89.00 per child


Pottery Barn Twas The Night Before Christmas Flannel Sheeting, $89.00

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