Happy Haute Halloween!

It’s almost 5 o’clock. Maybe you’ve got a small spooky gathering to get to tonight. Maybe you’ll be hanging in handing out candy. BUT, you’re a major procrastinator, and you still don’t have a Halloween costume to wear! Now, you’ve started rationalizing your freaky faux pas:

I’ll wear last year’s costume. (which you already did last year, you repeat-costume offender – you can’t be a sexy angel every year!)

I’ve got to have some cat ears around here somewhere! (Boring! Been there, done that!)

I’m too cool for a costume. (P.S. There’s nothing cool about NOT wearing a costume.)

I’ll just be festive and wear black along with every orange accessory and piece of clothing I own! (Nice try, but you’re still not wearing a costume!)

DON’T be a party pooper this year! DON’T disappoint your trick-or-treaters by showing up to the door in your yoga pants! DO copy my costume – it’s cheap, easy, and awesome!

photo (6)

I took a page from Jeremy Scott’s Spring 2014 runway show and made the easiest, cutest alien costume ever.

1. Simply swing by your nearest craft/fabric store on the way home from work (don’t worry, I would never send you to a Halloween store on Halloween), and pick up some iron on letters and a neon shirt of your choice (if needed – who knows, you may have something like this lying around!).

2. Pair it with things you already have! Grab those metallic bottoms in your closet: skirt, denim, leggings. Don’t have metallic bottoms? Go for coated denim, leather, basic black, or anything with sparkle and add any metallic accessories you have, maybe a purse or jewelry (come on, I know you have some bling that could take this look out of this world, cheesy pun intended).

3. Add your own twist! I attended a Halloween party last weekend, so I had the chance to snag some antennae, glow sticks, and a little laser gun to complete my look. Jeremy Scott’s model was styled with sunglasses. Make it your own! HAPPY HAUTE HALLOWEEN!


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