Tuesday’s Top Three

My Continued Fascination with Costume Design

This sketch, signed by Head, is for a costume to be worn by Jeanmaire in Anything Goes (1956). Courtesy of "Edith & Oscar: A Costume Exhibit" at the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research

This sketch, signed by Head, is for a costume worn by Jeanmaire in Anything Goes (1956). Courtesy of “Edith & Oscar: A Costume Exhibit” at the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research

You may have noticed the tribute to Edith Head on yesterday’s Google homepage. October 28th marked what would have been legendary costume designer’s 118th birthday.  While you may not be familiar with the designer herself, you may know some of her designs if you’re a fan of the classics, such as Samson and Delilah, Roman Holiday, Sabrina, and White Christmas just to name of a few of the dozens upon dozens of iconic films she worked on. Head still holds the record for most Academy Awards received for her work in costume design, an impressive feat for an inspiring lady that paved the way in this industry. You may have read some of my other posts about the members of the costume design community that are still trying to make a name for themselves nearly 80 years after Head’s successes. I look forward to continuing to follow this industry and the strides women are making within it!

Bargain Fever

Bargain Fever by

Bargain Fever by Mark Ellwood, Penguin 2013

It’s no secret that I love a good deal, so it should come as no surprise that I can’t wait to get my hands on this book, Bargain Fever. In journalist Mark Ellwood’s new manual about how to shop the discounted world, he explores every facet of today’s bargain junkie from their genetic makeup to the extreme lengths they will go to for a good deal. In reading synopses and reviews of this manual, it eerily sounds like this is a book about me. However, it also sounds like I could learn a thing or two from this bargain manual. While I consider myself a pretty savvy shopper, I’ll never turn down new advice about snagging the best deal. Bargain Fever hit shelves earlier this month, so grab your copy now!

Nicole Kidman’s Newest Campaign

Nicole Kidman for Jimmy Choo, Resort 2014

Nicole Kidman for Jimmy Choo, Resort 2014

You may already be swooning over Nicole Kidman’s Fall/Winter 2013 campaign for the iconic shoe label, Jimmy Choo. Now, it has been confirmed that Kidman has returned to the brand for their Resort 2014 collection. I may be a little biased because I’m a longtime Nicole Kidman fan, but the actress looks better than ever in the photos leaked for the 2014 ad. In the campaign, Kidman is channeling famed French actress, singer, and model Brigitte Bardot. Needless to say the collection elicits a distinctly sexy 1960’s vibe. In the photos, Kidman rocks an era appropriate beehive, creating a stark contrast to the edgy bob she sports in the Fall/Winter campaign this season. There’s also a must-see behind the scenes promotional video for the campaign that you can watch here!

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