To Do This Weekend: Catch Up on Fashion

Another Collaboration for Sofia Coppola

Marc Jacobs Daisy Official Logo and Sofia Coppola for Marc Jacobs Official Ad

Marc Jacobs Daisy Official Logo and Sofia Coppola for Marc Jacobs Official Ad

Once again, Sofia Coppola will partner with Marc Jacobs for his next fragrance in the Daisy collection. Over ten years ago, Coppola undertook her first modeling gig with Jacobs for his namesake perfume. However, it seems that this time she will not be in front of the camera. It’s reported that Coppola will direct the television campaign for the new fragrance. The ad is expected to air this fall, just in time for the holidays. Ladies, go ahead and add this new scent to your Christmas list. You know it’s going to be fabulous.

The Best Designers on Social Media

Silverpop, a leading digital marketing firm, has taken note of the growing role of social media in New York Fashion Week and the fashion community as a whole. In response to these changing times for the industry, the firm conducted a study to rank the best designers on social media. The study was based on several trends, including statistics like number of followers and how often a brand posts. Here are their findings:

Most Tweets During NYFW

Official Logos

Official Logos

Most Instagrams During NYFW

Official Logos

Official Logos

Pop Music and Fashion Mash Up Again 

photo (85)

The fashion community is buzzing around the upcoming collaboration between pop music artist M.I.A. and the iconic fashion house of Versace. M.I.A. has indicated the collection is set to release soon. Rumor has it that partnership will be for the label’s lower end line, Versus, and that there’s a possibility of the artist headlining the launch party for the collection. Although it’s a little surprising that Versace is teaming up with with a music artist as opposed to a designer, the singer did debut her own clothing line in 2008.

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