Monday Moments in Fashion

Join in on My Obsession with Fashion Illustration

Illustration by Adriana Krawcewicz for BENGT

Illustration by Adriana Krawcewicz for BENGT

I’ve got my eye on Adriana Krawcewicz, a masterful illustrator and student at the London College of Fashion. Thanks to BENGT, Krawcewicz’s work is buzzing around the Internet. BENGT is a London-based purveyor of emerging fashion talent that prides itself in carefully curating collections to showcase on their retail site. The brand discovered Krawcewicz and partnered with her during the recent London Fashion Week to sketch some stellar street style looks spotted throughout the week. Although it was near impossible to choose, I included a couple of my favorites above and below.

Illustration by Adriana Krawcewicz for BENGT

Illustration by Adriana Krawcewicz for BENGT

Time to Start Your Spring Fashion Reading List

Courtesy of Aliza Instagram

Courtesy of Aliza Licht’s Instagram

Friday I helped you compose your fall fashion reading list. Well, it’s already time to start making one for spring. Aliza Licht, best known as the DKNY PR Girl, just scored a book deal. In typical fashion, Licht made the announcement over Instagram in a way that was channeling Hannah Horvath/Lena Dunham (see image above). I don’t know about you, but I’m beginning to see a trend in web writers getting print deals (again, see the fall fashion reading list). As a web writer and advocate of print publications, I find this incredibly encouraging and refreshing.

Glamour is on Anna Wintour’s List

photo (67)

Last spring, Anna Wintour was deemed the artistic director at Conde Nast, and since then she has been working her way down a list of the publisher’s magazines that need a little tender loving care. She started with some editorial changes at Lucky Magazine and Conde Nast Traveler, and word on the street is that Glamour Magazine is next on her list. This is no surprise given the publication has reported a 28% loss in its newsstand sales over the past year. However, we’ve already seen the magazine stepping up its game throughout the past month. Early in September, Glamour’s creative director, Anne Christensen, released her own zine, which featured 70 pages of 1970’s photographs by Patrick Demarchelier from the Glamour archives. Also this month during NYFW, the magazine teamed up with the Council of Fashion Designers of America to co-host “Dressed to Code,” a fashion “hackathon” in which engineers and developers presented their fashion apps and prototypes to a panel of judges for the chance to score a cash prize, pitch meetings, and mentoring to get their work off the ground. Could this all be an effort to create hype around the magazine in anticipation of its upcoming 75th anniversary next year or does Wintour already have her hand in some changes for the publication? Only time will tell!


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