NYFW Concludes

For the past few years, I’ve only gotten to see New York Fashion Week through those I follow on social media and a few rebroadcastings of shows. This is the first year I’ve truly gotten to experience NYFW as much as one can from the comfort of her own home. I was able to watch a number of shows live and read an infinite number of up to the minute posts on social media. One day, I will be in New York City for Fashion Week and experience the magic from the front lines, but for now, I’ll take an up close and personal experience with NYFW from the front lines of my computer.

I suspect many people in the real world with real incomes don’t understand the hype about a display of clothes you’ll likely never wear or simply can’t afford. I can’t argue this perspective. Much of what is displayed at Fashion Week is wearable art more than wearable clothing. However, from my point of view, Fashion Week is a showcase of creativity and inspiration. You can marvel at the creative artistry that goes into couture just like you would a painting in a museum or a sculpture in a garden. And don’t you remember Miranda Priestly’s rant about cerulean in The Devil Wears Prada? Stores like H&M, The Gap, and Zara will create product for Spring 2014 that will reflect the trends set at NYFW.

So without further ado… A final recap from Day 8 of NYFW featuring Spring 2014 collections:


Leave it to Ralph Lauren, a seasoned veteran of NYFW, to go back to basics with the inspiration of a classic Crayola crayon set. This Spring 2014 collection focused on primary colors, secondary colors, and good old black and white. With a touch of mod and a dash of prep, this show demonstrated that after all this time, the brand has still got a knack for knockout fashion.

Ralph Lauren Spring 2014 Collection courtesy of Instagram

Image Courtesy of Ralph Lauren Instagram 


Not to be missed among the powerhouses presenting today: the Raoul Spring 2014 collection. I’m in love with with the bold patterns and color palette of these pieces. For me, this was a must see.

Raoul Spring 2014 Collection courtesy of Instagram

Images Courtesy of Raoul Fashion Instagram


We’ve seen a bit of 1990’s influence throughout NYFW so far, but Marc Jacobs took it to a whole new level. Gothic grunge appeared to be the muse for this collection. The show was staged in an elaborate post-apocalyptic labyrinth where dark, lace-clad models weaved in, out, up, and down. I’m not sure if it was the music or the seemingly Brit-inspired haircuts, but I found this show was also channeling a Harry Potter-like witchcraft vibe.

Cara Delevingne for Marc Jacobs Spring 2014 courtesy of Instagram

Image Courtesy of Cara Delevingne Instagram

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