My Motto for New York Fashion Week and Beyond

"Creativity takes courage." - Henri Matisse

“Creativity takes courage.” – Henri Matisse


It’s Monday. The glow of Labor Day weekend and the four-day week that follows are long gone. And we’re just over halfway through New York Fashion Week. I think we could all use some inspiration!

Fashion is a creative art form just like sculpture or painting, and creativity takes courage. All artists, whether they’re writers, photographers, or designers, practice a labor of love. They produce bodies of work that are extensions of their creativity and themselves.

During New York Fashion Week, the participating designers present their creations on a runway. And in a tech world that carries a continuous conversation over social media, everyone is talking about them (myself included). Imagine the courage it takes to to showcase your creativity at New York Fashion Week.

I suspect that even seasoned designers like Diane Von Furstenberg (exhibitor since the 1970’s) and Carolina Herrera (exhibitor since the 1980’s) still feel a pang of anxiety as their collections are displayed on the catwalk. However, I particularly commend the brands like Desigual and Rosie Assoulin who presented at New York Fashion Week for the first time this September. So, cheers to designers old and new for having the courage to be creative.

An Interesting Fact About Henri Matisse: Matisse began painting at the age of twenty while recuperating from appendicitis. His mother gifted him art supplies to help pass the time during his recovery. Little did she know her son would become a leading figure in modern art. In painting, Matisse discovered a “kind of paradise,” which led him to devote his life to the arts against his father’s wishes. Through his beginnings, Matisse sets an example of his own words, “Creativity takes courage.” 

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